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Rachel Uchitel

I Need $300 Nipple Suckers

12/28/2011 10:25 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Rachel Uchitel ain't planning to be a full-time breast-feeder when her baby is born -- TMZ has learned, she's asking friends to buy her a $300 nipple pump instead ... on top of several other extremely expensive baby goodies.

Rachel -- who announced her pregnancy last night on Twitter -- posted a baby registry online recently, asking for a laundry list of newborn crap .... including the nipple pumps, a $500 high chair, a $300 car seat, TWO strollers ... one for $400, and one for $1000, and $300 cashmere bedding.

This kid's making out like a bandit -- like mother, like child. 


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The responses here completely verify my theories of the "romance" process.
All women really want from a man is to be fertilized and a meal ticket.
Once they have that... The rules change... Lookout guys...

Nipples are only nipples when they haven't captured their prey yet.

998 days ago


Sorry, but I don't think it's appropriate to ask your friends to pay for your kid's $1000.00 baby dresser, nor thier $1300.00 crib. That is tacky, along with cashmere sheets. Bitch, you ain't Melania Trump, you're a whore that helped wreck a mans marriage, and your own reputation.

998 days ago


her requests are outrageous. I am not rich by any means but I made pretty well for my 5 year old. There must be a different class of people posting on this page! My stroller cost 99.00 at Wal-Mart and it was fine! My umbrella stroller pink jeep target 49.99. My car seat BJ's 69 she is still using as a booster at 5 years old it converted from an infant seat to a toddler seat and now a booster! He bedding two sets combined 80.00. She is used to a higher standard of living. My breast pump, I rented it from a health food store..for a flat rate for 6 weeks to get me going and my 150.00 pump kicked in after that and worked just fine...she is making an extravagant request while people are starving! Oh yeah nipple sucker is funny lighten up...pick your battles..

998 days ago


Calling her out on her materialism, and making misogynistic and uninformed remarks about breastfeeding and "nipple suckers" (WTF) are two different things. Do I think she's tacky and trashy for putting such expensive items on the registry? Yes. Have her low morals and attention-whoring persona made most people rightly lose respect for her? Yes.

998 days ago


Most on there is not that excessive. Good quality baby stuff is expensive. I'm not so sure about cashmere bedding. Babies have a tendency to put the corners of their blankets in their eyes, mouth at times. The loose fibers from cashmere prob not good. Better to stick with cotton blankets / sheets. Easier to clean as well.

998 days ago


I gave my best friend's child a new very nice $55. sterling silver feeding spoon in it's own box and I thought that was a pretty expensive gift to give & I would have been pissed if somebody gave me such a fancy list to choose baby gifts from.

998 days ago


Nasty title for common issue.

998 days ago



998 days ago


You really don't need that much to raise a baby - a safe place for him/her to sleep, diapers (whether they be cloth or disposable...I use cloth), some bottles if you don't breastfeed, a pump if you work, some blankets for swaddling, a monitor, and some onesies. A $1000 dresser isn't a necessity - I think things like that are a bit excessive in this economy but I come from a different social maybe her friends and family can afford it. It's like a different world to me.

998 days ago


I would do the nipple sucking for free,have references and Im bonded.

998 days ago


Looks like the sparkle cows are out in full force.

998 days ago


this is a new low tmz. yall are disgusting

998 days ago


who wrote this? ummm....they are called BREAST PUMPS, and unfortunately, that's how much they cost. The ones that work well, at least. seriously...NIPPLE pump? how the hell would a person go about pumping nipples? we pump breasts.

998 days ago


How is this disgusting leg spread sidepiece whore allowed to breed? I feel sorry for the kid. If it's a girl, ughitell will teach it that "on your knees = CASH!" ho sh*t. If it's a boy, she'll teach it to use women & disgard them like trash. Either way, the kid's f*cked...

998 days ago


Seems like Little Ms. Prissy Pants is lobbying for a TLC or E! network show. That's about the very "last" thing that we possibly need in this crazy world!!!

998 days ago
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