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Steven Tyler

Family Members Furious

Over Singer's Engagement

12/28/2011 5:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1227_steven_tyler_fiance_getty_exSteven Tyler's big engagement news did NOT go over so well with several members of his family ... who are telling friends they simply don't like his new fiancee ... TMZ has learned.

Sources connected to the Tyler clan tell us ... several family members have clashed with Erin Brady for years ... and have told friends, "She's just not nice."

One source tells us, "She's just been mean to the family."

And to make matters worse -- we're told several family members have griped that they had no idea about Steven's proposal plan until AFTER he popped the question to 38-year-old Brady this weekend ... and they felt slighted by the omission.

Sources tell us ... the family members were hoping they could eventually repair the relationship with Erin, but now, they feel Steven has only widened the divide.

Multiple calls to Steven's rep have not been returned.



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What You Really Want To See    

Sounds like the family are more concerned for their own happiness over Steve's happiness. The dude is what, 64? I think he can make up his own mind.

1029 days ago


Shes old and fat. Doesn't he know that since hes a rock star anything over 22 is an old hag to him?

1029 days ago


None of their business. Say congrats, shake hands and go home.

1029 days ago


Erin Brady is a gunt. Anyone who worked for Live Nation in 2005/06 knows that.

1029 days ago


Steven Tyler's family sound like a bunch of arse-holes and control freaks. It's Steven's life, not theirs. It's only proper to propose to your lady first and inform the family second. Steven has NO obligation to his family. Family is a "title" only. If you don't care about the happiness of a family member, you don't belong in the family. Congrats to Steven and he obviously loves Erin and fulfills him where his family left off.

1029 days ago


Hey TMZ, why don't you ban the IP addresses of these continual spammers? It's the same assh*les over & over; of the first 14 posts in this thread, 9 were spams.

Regarding steven tyler, he's married women that just don't get along with his family; he's done it 2 times now, and this will be the third. He ends up divorcing them because they're just nasty arrogant self centered women; see a pattern here?

1029 days ago


And now TMZ has disabled the report & dislike buttons so not only can't the spammers be reported, but they also can't be disliked. I'm beginning to think that TMZ might be getting paid to offer the spammers a haven to spam threads...

1029 days ago


Sounds like the warning Paul McCartney got before he married Heather.

1029 days ago


Its a cover job. we all know hes gay.

1029 days ago


Im so old i remember when Aerosmith was relevant.

1029 days ago


He's a grown man, in his 60's...I think he can do whatever he wants. He has been with her for years, she must make him happy. Is his family afraid she is going to get all his money? They don't want to share? God Bless you Steven-be happy!

1029 days ago


PRE-NUP, STEVEN. Make her sign something that states she will not get a dime if she divorces you within 30 years. She's a gold digger and Steven's family most likely KNOW she's one.

So make her sign a pre-nup that states she will not get a penny if she dumps you. If she truly loves you, then she will sign it.

Sadly, she's probably hoping he will kick the bucket within 5 years or so -- so she won't be that concerned though.

I don't know who is grosser - Steven for getting with a girl who is young enough to be his kid... Or this girl - for getting with a geriatric.

They both look like fools.

1029 days ago


Sounds like the family knows she is only after his money. Did you read the article? They do not like her because they think she's not a nice person. If that was your dad --- especially if he was in his 60s --- and he was dating some gold digging broad...who is rude.. Would you be happy??
C'mon. That's their loved one. No one wants their loved one with a mean person, especially one who is clearly with them for the money and fame.

1029 days ago


several things come to mind
"there is no fool like an old fool" is one..but who knows if it applies here or not?
if they were together for years it was to be expected- logical next step - so family shouldnt be shocked
he doesn't need his family's permission to do anything
and maybe when his fiancee is disagreeable to his family he secretly agrees with her but doesn't have the guts to do it/say it never know
sometimes you subconsciously seek out a partner who has what you admire and are lacking in yourself
...either way...wish them well even thought it's none of my business

1029 days ago


His family needs to learn that is they have nothing good to say they should say nothing! No comment should've been their choice of words! His family sounds like a bunch of whiners that do nothing but butt in his business. If he's happy, they should be happy for him!
All the best to him and his fiance!

1029 days ago
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