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Russell Brand

Files for Divorce

from Katy Perry

12/30/2011 3:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Katy Perry and Russell Brand divorce documents
Russell Brand
has filed for divorce from Katy Perry ... TMZ has learned.

In the docs, filed in L.A., Brand cites "irreconcilable differences." The two were married Oct. 23, 2010 in India.  They have no kids.

The divorce docs say there are "community property assets" -- it's a sign there might not be a prenup, or if there is one it doesn't cover all of the earnings and other assets they accumulated.

The docs do not give a date the couple separated.

Russell has released a statement, claiming, "Sadly, Katy and I are ending our marriage. I'll always adore her and I know we'll remain friends."

Russell proposed to Katy in India on New Year's Eve 2009 -- nearly two years ago ... to the day.

Sources had told TMZ the couple was having problems, evidenced by the fact that they spent Christmas apart and neither was wearing a wedding ring.

Although it's not 100%, based on what we now know it appears Brand may have blindsided Perry by filing the divorce petition. 

Russell appeared on "Ellen" just this month, slamming divorce rumors (below) -- claiming, "I'm really happily married ... I’m married to Katy. Perpetually, until death do us part was the pledge. I’m still alive."


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They both should stay single, they need to find better matches for themselves, like Katy needs a California type guy, the type of guys she sings about in her songs, and Russell needs to find himself an English gal, probably not so much a celebrity. I hope he doesn't backslide and ruin his progress. I do think it is unusual for the guy to file for divorce first, but maybe she did something to tick him off and it was epic. Her star is growing, and she can't put her career on hold to have babies right now. He may have pushed too far or she wasn't supportive of his sobriety, which if she is the partier, she wasn't a good thing for Russell. I do hope he gets a bit of a make over, just clean up a bit and stop with the gawdawfull skinny jeans, leather pants and all. Best wishes to them both. Marriage was a BAD career move for these two.

1006 days ago


She's adorable. He has always grossed me out from Day One. Something about that underbite and those buggy eyes...


1006 days ago


Russell Brand is a flighty degenerate. He always has been. And, in fact, he was a has-been until he married her.

This man is a self proclaimed sex and drug addict. Not an ex-addict, there's no such thing. Once an addict, always an addict.

What possible use could he have been as an emotionally sound husband? I think we have our answer.

1006 days ago


Please keep your comments clean for the children.

1006 days ago


He's a bald headed loser. Katie's hot and he's a loser.

1006 days ago


So sad, I love Katy Perry. I always thought he was too ugly for her lol

1006 days ago


It was a nice cover for a year anyway. He joins the ranks of Tom Cruise and John Travolta....hetero posers.

1006 days ago


Pop into Pop Up Video...

1006 days ago


I adore Russell Brand and while I'm not into Katy Perry's music, I love her style. I don't think celebrity marriages are very different than any other marriage really, this generation doesn't take marriage seriously and sees divorce as an easy solution. If you go back a couple decades, I doubt couples didn't face problems like they do now, the difference was, they worked on their marriage. Divorce shouldn't be this easy. I actually really liked those two as a couple, they were cute together and he truly seemed to adore her. All her partying was very disrespectful to him, when she got into the relationship, she knew about his past, she knew what she was getting into and that's what, to me, makes it disrespectful. It almost looks like his filing is an ultimatum. I remember seeing the reports yesterday and hoping that it was just one more rumor, it'd be nice to see a celebrity couple stick together and actually work on their marriage.I've been married for nearly 5 years and it's not easy every day, in order to have a good, healthy marriage, you need to learn to compromise and I think she wasn't willing to.

1006 days ago


It's too bad because they were so cute together. The only thing is ... she never seemed to be committed to the relationship. She's more into her career.

1006 days ago


Hollywood is filled with self centered type A personalities, which is the reason behind the high divorce rate.

1006 days ago


he comes off as looney in interviews....not in the funny way, but the insane, keep the guns away from me looney.

1006 days ago


Think about it. Russel Brand is a "former" heroin addict, and diagnosed manic depressive. One month ago he was on a talk show professing his marriage as "till death do us part" and the next thing you know, he's filing for divorce. Can you say CYCLE? I hope Katy and Russel get the support they need to deal with this "more than meets the eye" problem.

1006 days ago


I think she was on tour too much. I mean, we don't KNOW but perhaps that was the problem. I hope they can work it out... he was so in love with her earlier in December on "Ellen".

1006 days ago


23rd... smh

1006 days ago
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