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Lindsay's Alleged Trespasser

The Arrest Photos

1/2/2012 12:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohans Alleged TrespasserThe man arrested outside Lindsay Lohan's house in Venice Beach yesterday is old enough to be her dad ... at least according to several pics taken of the man in handcuffs.

The photos were snapped yesterday around 6:30pm outside Lindsay's pad -- where the white-haired man was arrested for trespassing.

TMZ broke the story ... cops were called to Lindsay's house after the man knocked on her front door, demanding to speak to the actress.

Lindsay refused to open the door. Cops showed up soon after and handcuffed the guy. He's still in custody.

10:30 AM PT: The suspect's name is Lonnie Short -- and according to his booking documents, he's 64 years old. He's being held on $1,000 bail.


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big bamboo    

with all the guys that rode lindsay like Secretariat who knows the truth..she has a way uf putting restraining orders on friends.
100s of out in public wardrobe malfunctions..
waring no panties while waring a mini skirt climbing out of cars.
caught in bathrooms with randoms.
makes a statement of how sexual she is..
Well damn I wonder why you have freaks banging on your door?.

972 days ago


Typical Lohan, nothing but her own wanna be big mouth that is never backed up or prooven. As usual her BS backfires on her. First and foremost Lohan always speed dials tmz. That's always been tmz's sources.

Lohan is already choking on her lies, again. Her self-hyped how she turned down a bunch of New Years Eve offers (because she want's to get away from her 'party girl image' yeah right, tell that crap to Hefner/Playboy as she's partying in Hawaii and blew off the 1 lousey promo for the shoot). Lohan is turned away from every 'hot spot' so the 'bunch of New years Eve offers' Lohan claims she got and turned down is more of her BS. That of course can't be backed up or proove. That just equates to she never had any offers in the first place, right up there with scripts she never gets.

Next, Lindsay Lohan pulls New Years Eve in Dubai? How her (here she goes again) name is being 'USED TO PROMOTE' (in her dreams) one of the biggest New Years Eve partys on the planet. Yet she claims her name is being used to promote the party. People are still laughing over that one. The lawyer letter is nothing but a joke.

Next, Lohan pulls someone is knocking at the door at 6:30pm. Plenty of sunshine left.

Of course Lohan speed dials to tmz.

Lindsay Lohan claims she is so freaked out. That didn't work now she's unnearved. As usual which one is it. Oh, that's right neither. Lohan keeps pulling this crap when she's caught up in her own lies.

972 days ago



972 days ago


If Gloday1 is a 'fan', can I say I'M PROUD to be a 'HATER'?

972 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

There is no way in he11, even the one all you H8rs live in, that gloday is Dilo!!!!! FACT from the resident factorian!!!!!!!!

972 days ago


Hmmmm thought I heard something hisssssssss . It really nice up here on top you can see everythng going on in the playground...

972 days ago


Because of the weather, every door and window is open and my neighbors think I'm a right loon, sitting here, laughing hysterically atcha y'all.

Thank you Vorlon, FU, Ketjo, Andy, and of course, Rogie for 'KEEPIN IT REAL"!

972 days ago


I'm not Dilo, Lilo, or Milo. I am GLODAY! come to me haters, I love to talk to you.

972 days ago

Ghost Rider    

@Rogue Doorknocker, all I really want from you is ONE Pepsi, ONE PEPSI!!!

972 days ago


I'll tell you one thing. I'm glad I'm not considered a Lindsay fan!

972 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Question-Why does gloday always wear a baseball cap?
Answer-To keep the foreskin out of his eyes

972 days ago


You know when you think about it Slugs and vipers are a lot alike...................
neither one of them have backbones
and neither have brains to speak of
and they both slither on their bellys
along the ground..
Yep they have a lot in common !!!!!

972 days ago

just thinkin    

Is he a bill collector?

972 days ago


@grandma cracker

I remember when you said to your partner 'whats your favorite sexual position?' your partner said 'next door'

972 days ago


Jeez, a 64 year old man is harassing Lindsay Lohan by banging on her door? Lindsay doesn't even need to leave her home to find trouble ... it comes to HER knocking on the door like a pizza delivery guy. :)

It's a good thing she didn't attack the guy with a broom or throw something at him. Otherwise, the cops might assume she caused the problem and she'd be back in jail and legal ho*****er all over again.

I guess Lindsay isn't living in a neighborhood with decent security these days. She probably blew most of her fortune by now, so she might be living in a regular old apartment or normal sized home like the rest of us.

I wonder if she's ever going to make it back to being an "in demand" actress again. It's kind of sad to see people with some talent just throw it way by doing stupid things, being immature, irresponsible, etc.

Gotta blame a lot it on Lindsay's parents. No doubt about it. It sounds like Lindsay grew up in a crazy, dysfunctional environment.

972 days ago
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