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Lindsay Lohan

Bodyguard Shopping

After Trespassing Incident

1/3/2012 5:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan
Yesterday's door-knocking incident was a huge wake up call for Lindsay Lohan -- who's now in the market to ramp up security at her L.A. home ... with surveillance cameras ... and even a new bodyguard.

Sources close to Lindsay tell TMZ, the actress loves her Venice Beach house ... but with random scary people walking right up to her front door, she's convinced it's time to invest in some extra security upgrades for the property.

On top of adding additional security cameras -- we're told Lindsay wants to hire a full-time bodyguard to stay with her for a period of time ... until she feels safe again.

As for the man arrested for trespassing outside her house on Sunday -- Lonnie Short -- we're told he shares a bizarre connection with Lindsay's alleged stalker David Cocordan.

According to sources, when Short knocked on Lindsay's door yesterday, he announced he was friends with David and needed to explain some things.

Clearly, Lindsay wasn't up for a chat -- and minutes later, cops arrested Short for trespassing. He's still in custody on $1,000 bail.


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990 days ago


I really wouldn't mind if one of her stalker's snuffed her, so then we could stop hearing about her and her stupid family. Throw the Kardashians in there as well. Maybe get a German/Chechnyan to do it.

990 days ago

The Real JJ    

I would think she would at least have surveillance cameras or maybe a dog or something.

990 days ago


Note to potential bodyguards... require payment in advance because loser lowhan is a flake that never pays her bills lol

990 days ago


Lohan, YOU are a cray-cray stalker and gate-crasher too, remember? What goes around comes around. So get over yourself.

Wouldn't suprise me if she's met that creepy old man before but just doesn't want to admit it because of what it would say about her.

990 days ago


No comments please on this topic,,

990 days ago


Obviously she has to open up her distorted duck bill mouth to tell the world this.
Whatever happened to people doing their things without broadcasting every little thing.
Time for her to STFU + go away, go far far away!

990 days ago


First of all, Lindsay Lohan RENTS the place. It's not her house.

Second of all, Lohan needs to keep her big Bull ***** mouth shut. The self-hyping still backfires. Lohan is still tripping over her lies. She still can't get her lies stright.

Now it's an alleged knock on a door. Lohan is freaking out, no then Lohan is unnerved. C'mon, can't get the lies stright. Lindsay Lohan can't justify or backup, or proove anything she says. That's prooven everytime she opens her mouth.

990 days ago


Unless you're a drug dealer, an unattractive lesbian, or Harvey, you're NOT getting inside LiLo's pad.

990 days ago


What happened to Lindsay Lohans first speed dial to tmz. Of course it backfired on her. A knock on a door.

Now shes pulling a whole different story. That also backfired. Now Lohan wants cameras and a bodyguard FOR WHAT? Lohan is simply trying to justify her own lies.

Lidnsay Lohan is so far down the toilet and this current BS still prooves why that is.

990 days ago

AGENT smith    

I wouldn't over react Lindsay, security isn't necessary. It's not like the man broke into your place. Security camera's are a good idea and maybe a shotgun, which you don't need a permit for and can purchase at Big Five. I am surprised that this man knows David Cocordan........

990 days ago


She should call Sam to come over. That'll scare away the whack jobs.

990 days ago

Grouchy Smurf    

Probable Future TMZ Story: "Bodyguard Sues Lindsay Lohan For Non-Payment!"

990 days ago


Be careful Lindsay. I don't know if this bodyguard story is true, TMZ sources are often BS but IF this guy knows David Cocordan this is crazy scary stuff. Cocordan has a restraining order againg him but he tweets Lindsays friends, he is one crazy son of a bich.

990 days ago


Shove your NUDE body on the cover of "playboy" legs spread,boobs hanging,what do you expect.MONEY IS GOOD,and daddy finds nothing wrong.MEN LOVE IT,and so do every NUT AROUND,So stop whinning,and pay for protection,YOU ASKED FOR IT.IF YOU CANNOT ACT,THE NEXT BEST THING ,TAKE YOUR CLOTHS OFF,if anyone has bother to notice women have NOT COMEE A LONG WAY,it is STILL TAKE YOUR CLOTHS OFF SO WE CAN USE YOUR BODY TO 'get off" .This "poor me crap" does not work with me,you get what you asked for

990 days ago
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