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Lindsay Lohan

Bodyguard Shopping

After Trespassing Incident

1/3/2012 5:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan
Yesterday's door-knocking incident was a huge wake up call for Lindsay Lohan -- who's now in the market to ramp up security at her L.A. home ... with surveillance cameras ... and even a new bodyguard.

Sources close to Lindsay tell TMZ, the actress loves her Venice Beach house ... but with random scary people walking right up to her front door, she's convinced it's time to invest in some extra security upgrades for the property.

On top of adding additional security cameras -- we're told Lindsay wants to hire a full-time bodyguard to stay with her for a period of time ... until she feels safe again.

As for the man arrested for trespassing outside her house on Sunday -- Lonnie Short -- we're told he shares a bizarre connection with Lindsay's alleged stalker David Cocordan.

According to sources, when Short knocked on Lindsay's door yesterday, he announced he was friends with David and needed to explain some things.

Clearly, Lindsay wasn't up for a chat -- and minutes later, cops arrested Short for trespassing. He's still in custody on $1,000 bail.


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Grandma Cracker    

Wow, the tabloid comments this morning are less than favorable towards Lindsay, and she is getting some strange offers on this site too. Perhaps round the clock security is a good idea for awhile. Maybe it would have been a better idea not to get TMZ involved with all these stories and all of this bad press. It may attract more weirdos. I know TMZ pays well for stories, but I don't think it is worth it right now, when the end result is added expenditures on security.

1023 days ago


I'm getting kind of bored with these repetitive stories.

1023 days ago


Don worry GrandmaCracker
When a Really Bad "real" Wolf shows up at her door and does some real harm...I'm sure TMZ will run at least a weeks worth of excluives on her injuries or her demise....and not charge Lohan Inc a penny for it....Hey they got to make a living Right !!!!

1023 days ago


BREAKING NEWS - Someone knocks on Lindsay Lohan's door, more at 11.

1023 days ago


Delmar for all we know Lindsay could of paid him to create all this drama, just so she can start the new year with a victim card in her hand. Every year she says no mayham for her but BAM there she goes again

1023 days ago

big bamboo    

she needs the TMZ money,after Ellen and Playboy sue her.

1023 days ago


Lindsay is a fool for living on an open street where any psycho can stroll up to her door she should know better. With that said I cant stand the twit now adays as the rest of the general public with an above average IQ but I dont wish any harm on her. Hopefully she will smarten up and move.

1023 days ago


This is another reason why real actors are more low key. They don’t aim to inflame stalkers.

1023 days ago


Wouldnt it be something though if the stalker gets out of jail due to overcrowding? Karma is a b*tch. Of course he is there because he cant afford bail. Funny how LA County jail finds room for the poor people who are in for what does Nicole call it "NON VIOLENT MISDOMEANERS" such as knocking on someones door but if you try to run a innocent woman off the road while high on coke or if you waltz into a store and commit felony grand theft as long as ya got the money you are out within an hour.

1023 days ago

big bamboo    

shouldnt Dina be in jail?
she knocks on everyday door in the hamptons.
who ever has hooch and a place for her to slur her verbal diahria she is there.
when NY is tired of her stalking..she road trips to cali. and stumbles into their parties too.

1023 days ago


Who will get to Lonnie first with a big payoff?? TMZ to speak or Steven Hoing to not talk?

1023 days ago


The police didn't arrest this guy, Lindsay made a citizen's arrest:.

The LAPD confirms to ET that the actress affected a citizen's arrest after catching a man trespassing on her property in Venice, California on New Year's Day.

1023 days ago


Could it be that the man did not leave knowing the police were coming because he has a bone to pick with Lindsay. He said he knew David and wanted to explain some things. Maybe Lindsay ripped off David, took his drugs without payment or jewelry and this guy shows up to explain that if she gives it all back he won't go to the police. Lindsay not wanting to pay for anything tells the police that he is there stalking and harrasing her. He goes to jail for actually doing nothing while Lindsay once again gets a free pass. OR, she opened the door and grabbed the bag of drugs that the guy brought and slammed the door in his face without paying and then called the cops about a stalker. That way she gets free drugs and the cops take care of the guy.

1023 days ago


So CA allows it citizen to make citizens arrest on anybody who comes knocking on your door that you don't want to talk to !!!!! Hell now I know why your jails are so over crowded....all you got to do to relieve the over crowding is let all the magazine salesmen, va***n salesmen and Jehoveh Witness's out and you'd have room to spare....

1023 days ago

big bamboo    

so barney FIF lohan arrested this man..she told italia vanity fair she ownes a gun..
she might not be dirty harry..dirty lohan is now on the beat..I am sure that Venice is much safer now that coke abuser drunks are packing heat..and arresting guys 6 ft 223 LBS...Never saw one episode of charlies angels...where the girls were laying in cactus looking for a baggie

1023 days ago
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