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Maria Shriver

I Got Something

On My Ring Finger, Too

1/3/2012 11:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Maria Shriver with her wedding ring on?Maria Shriver sure knows how to ring in the new year  -- just days after Arnold Schwarzenegger wore his wedding ring out in public ... his divorce-shy, estranged wife was sporting something on her wedding ring finger, though it's not clear if it's the real deal.

The photo was snapped today in Beverly Hills -- interesting she wore something on that finger just after we posted the pic of Arnold.

TMZ broke the story ... Maria has been having second thoughts about divorcing Arnold -- despite the whole lovechild thing -- because of her deeply held religious beliefs.


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Dispense with the "TMZ broke the story" BS. This is celeb got undivorced triviality, not a story. It's for supermarket airhead tabloid fans. Write real press copy or get a real job. Don't take a celeb news dump and call it journalism.

1027 days ago

Fuck Celebrities    

Leave 'em alone... its their problem to work out.

1027 days ago


Maybe she's afraid Katy Perry's parents will be mad at her if she divorces Arnold.

1027 days ago


if this bith goes back to that cheating bstard...then she is no woman of today, but a stupid fool of a woman....hell...the idiot humiliated you and you want more...Maria is a stupid whore...thought all kennedys were smart..this bitch proves that theory wrong!

1027 days ago


She won't divorce him because of her deeply held religious beliefs. What about her beliefs in honesty, respect, integrity, faithfulness etc. and not allowing yourself to be treated like a piece of meat with eyes!!

1027 days ago

There's a problem here    

I came here to make my usual flip comment but all I can think of is say what you will about Maria, her heritage, her aging face, etc. but this woman hugged and cried with the maid when the maid admitted her child was Arnold's. Say what you will, and I'm certainly no fan,but I get the feeling that Maria is a class act. Now I have to go find another thread on which to spew venom .. Thanks Maria.

1027 days ago


If she forgive him it's no more than what God have done for all of us. People you better hope God don't judge you based on how you are judging This couple that's. Trying to save a marriage. Yes he made a mistake, but the bible tell there is no sin greater than another. Just remember people your life is not over yet and you don't know what a wait you around the corner . For those of you who say you wouldn't forgive him, I hope God don't say that about you as you stand in front o*****od that know all your dirty life secrets .

1027 days ago


How interesting.......her deeply held religious beliefs don't prevent her from supporting Planned Parenthood and abortion on demand. Just another democrat hypocrite.

1027 days ago


it can't be his weewee. i saw some beach pics and it wasn't that big.

1027 days ago


Maria needs to read her bible more because it clearly states that altho God doesn't approve of divorces...the ONE and ONLY exception is infidelity. If a spouse cheats and breaks the marriage's over. She's an idiot if she continues with this and uses the bible/religion as an excuse. He cheated for like what....15 YEARS or more?? Theres not a person alive that would fault her for moving on...and she definitely needs too.

1027 days ago


its white just like the white that appears to be on her index finger. My guess is that neither are "rings" but something to measure her heart rate or something along those line because she is clearly exercising.

1027 days ago

C. Fox    

You know, Arnold fathering an illegitimate child with the help might make it socially awkward when he runs Maria in the Colorado Illuminati Bunker under the Denver Airport to wade out The Great Culling of 90% of humankind as directed in the Georgia Guidestones. Oh wait, wrong comments section.

1027 days ago


she's so too good for him... but hey, it's her life and her beliefs. personally, i hope she takes him back and makes his life more miserable than he can even imagine in his steroid shrunk brain.

1027 days ago



1027 days ago


Am I to believe that her religious beliefs tell her it's okay for her husband to cheat on her and father a child, but it's not okay to divorce the guy...

1027 days ago
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