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'Teen Mom' Star Jenelle Evans

Arrested for Harassment

1/10/2012 7:55 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jenelle Evans mugshot 2012
"Teen Mom 2" star Jenelle Evans was arrested in North Carolina Tuesday after allegedly making harassing phone calls and threatening an unidentified person.

The 20-year-old MTV reality star was booked into the Brunswick County Jail and later released after posting $1,000 bond.

She later tweeted, "I'm free as a biiirrrrddddd :D."

The arrest could mean serious trouble for Evans -- who's still on probation for beating the living crap out of another woman during a street fight last year.

9:15 AM PT: Janelle posted a long message to her Facebook account after getting out of jail, claiming the person who accused her of harassment is her old roommate ... who's out to settle the score in some ongoing feud -- though details are unclear.

Jenelle's lawyer tells TMZ, "The charges against Jenelle are completely absurd and retaliatory in nature."



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I think her biggest problem is that she's starting to look more like her mother.

1016 days ago


Judge should ban this idiot from using social media.

1016 days ago


She has really spiraled and let herself go. Wow. Drugs?

What seriously happened to her as a little girl? Her and her mother act so abusive to one another, the yelling, swearing, hitting.

Her mother has been abusive to Jenelle, now Jenelle acts abusive on the show and even attaches herself to Keifer who is abusive.

Cycles and patterns repeat themselves, so what really happened in Jenelle's childhood and in her home growing up?

I don't feel Jace should be in Jenelle or her mom's care, not after seeing how Jenelle has grown up, bad enough Jenelle's Mom dropped the ball raising Jenelle that now she is going to mess up her grandchild's life too.

Jenelle is responsible for herself also, but something had to of screwed her up from her childhood to be what she is today, lazy, a substance abuser, abusive. So who taught this to her, what kind of environment did Jenelle grow up in? From what they show on TV, Jenelle's mother is always screaming and screeching instead of maturely talking to her daughter when she messed up, they push and shove and hit each other, swear at each other.

Toxic, it's horrible, so if her Mom is the way she is, no wonder Jenelle is a bi-product of her mother.

Learned behavior. Now Jenelle is old enough to be responsible and get help and straighten her life out. Before it is too late, it is too bad she gave up her rights as a mother, that she did not love her baby enough to put him a priority to get the help she needed to get straight, to grow up and change her lifestyle around.

It is sad when a child is not enough for a parent to change for the best interest of that child to provide them a healthy environment, that goes for Jenelle's own Mom too.

Poor Jace.

1015 days ago


Jenelle and her mom's MTV checks should have to be put into a trust for Jace. I hope that they are compensating Jace for putting and exploiting Jace on that show.

There better be money being put away for him or better yet protected in a trust from Jenelle or her abusive mother.

1015 days ago

Captain Obvious    

White trash is trashy.

1015 days ago


why don't they just put her sorry butt in jail for along time she is trash and teen mom shd drop her from the show their shd be a clause abt it

1015 days ago


When did trailer trash = star?

1015 days ago


why does she look so swollen, and does she have a black eye?

1015 days ago


She is a horse

1015 days ago


what the hell is wrong with this girl? She has to be the biggest idiot out there. Good thing her crazy mom has the kid.

1015 days ago


She is trash and is far from being a mother. She deserves to rot in jail.

1015 days ago


It's one thing to cast crazy people on shows like the Real World, but when you cast teenagers that have mental problems you raise ethical issues.

1015 days ago


Could you say, "Teen Mom Loser" in your headlines instead of "Star?"

Stop calling these losers 'stars' or 'celebrities.' Only in their minds and, for some unfathomable reason, in MTV's mind are they celebrities.

1015 days ago


Take a good look at this pic. This is beyond sad and disgusting!! This 20 yr old has bags under her eyes like she hasnt slept in a week. She obviously has gained a ton of weight and completely let herself go. She is not bothered by being arrested for the 100th time. Honestly, people claim her mother is the problem. I would have cut her off from help a long time ago. Her mother has been more than patient w/ this horror of a daughter. Poor Jace, he hasnt a chance. Sad, sad, sad.

1015 days ago


Wow, I thought she couldn't get any more low-life and degenerate....I was wrong...

1015 days ago
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