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Lindsay Lohan

Taxes Just Ain't My Bag, Baby

1/11/2012 12:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan blonde hair
Lindsay Lohan
had no idea she was so deeply in the hole to Uncle Sam ... because she THOUGHT she had accountants to take care of that crap for her ... sources close to Lindsay tell TMZ.

TMZ broke the story ... the I.R.S. hit Lohan with a big, fat tax lien, claiming she failed to fork over $93k in federal income taxes from 2009.

Now, sources close to Lindsay tell TMZ she was completely unaware of the problem. We're told Lindsay actually cleaned house recently and replaced most of her business team.

Our sources say Lindsay believes the debt was most likely lost in the shuffle, but the issue will be handled immediately.

Lohan SHOULD have the cash to get herself in the clear -- after all, she just hauled in close to a million bucks to get naked for Playboy.


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Hello is anybody in there?    

It's always someone else fault went it comes to Lindsay. Just for once take responsibility for your action and go pay your taxes.

1024 days ago

Blood Red Witch    

Almost word for word what we predicted her rep would say.

1024 days ago


As usual, the TMZ chimpanzees keep getting it wrong. First off, who the hell cares if "she cleaned house"? It's ALWAYS the responsibility of the individual to ensure their taxes are paid; "I didn't know" is not an acceptable excuse in court or to the IRS. Also, TMZ chimpanzees, stop saying she got paid $1 million. She had to pay ~ 35% in taxes upfront (which playboy more than likely took out of her gross stipend & paid for her). After paying for all her expensive rehabs, bail bond portions, legal fees & other fees for being a complete & total dumbass for the last 4 years, she's got nothing left.

Bottom line is, she's a tax cheat; like everything in her life, she's trying to blame others for her responsibilities. Sorry, dumbass; it ain't gonna fly...

1024 days ago


Riiiiiight. Lien your swag on that.

1024 days ago


As the TMZ staff would say i call radishes she still has to sign her own tax return no matter who fills it out. She knew or she should have known about her tax problem.

1024 days ago


TRASH. As I said in the previous post about this story, you could go ahead and write her response because we already knew what it would be - "I had no idea, I have "people" that do this stuff. I function at 2nd grade level, I couldn't possibly be responsible for this!"

And here she comes and pretty much says the same thing.

Trash. Trash. Trash.

1024 days ago

LA me    

This is why she demanded cash up front from the paps in Hawaii to take photos of her bikini romp. No paper trail for the IRS to see and no funds for them to put a lien on. She doesn't own a house, or a car....and my guess is she doesn't keep her money in a checking account either. Strawberry Snortcake knew they would come sniffing.

1024 days ago


Im dissapointed lindsays needs to bump her employees up from $8.00hr to maybee $10.00hr her excuse should have been when she was partying and getting loaded missing court appearances at the caan film festival when her safe in her hotel room was allegedly broken into and her passport was allegedly stolen she also had the $93,000 stolen out of that same safe allegedly.

1024 days ago

AGENT smith    


1024 days ago


Hello is anybody in there?
It's always someone else fault went it comes to Lindsay. Just for once take responsibility for your action and go pay your taxes.

um, isn't that exactly what she's saying she's going to do?

1024 days ago


When Lindsay fired her financial manager Lou Taylor (Tristar Entertainment) in October last year I said then Lindsay should have an audit done. Lindsay was paying this woman and her company to look after her finances and pay all expenses. Looks like Lindsay made the right decision then. Lindsay is dealing with this immediately, good job Linds.

1024 days ago


Same answer as the cocaine in my pant's pocket is not my cocaine.

1024 days ago



1024 days ago


Maybe Harvey can answer this: is there even a law that says we have to pay income taxes? Just asking because of what I saw on CNBC. Not sure if they can be trusted or not.

1024 days ago


I thought momma handled her finances? Does she need so many to handle her money? Wait, she has little or no money. She is a joke and always will be.

1024 days ago
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