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Why U.S. Soldiers

Might Urinate on Dead Bodies ...

1/11/2012 12:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF


The USMC is investigating a video appearing to show U.S. soldiers peeing on dead bodies -- but there could be an explanation for the despicable act. Basically, war is hell ... and Harvey says that drives good men to do horrible things. Reasonable?

Plus, the is-Khloe-a-real-Kardashian debate rages on -- and you gotta hear Charles' mutant theory! Also, the so-called "ghetto GPS" has some people in the newsroom pissed ... and others excited.


(3:30) Shocking video allegedly showing U.S. soldiers peeing on corpses ignites a Marine investigation -- and a furious debate.
(7:35) Soldiers are forced to kill for their country one minute -- then asked to act civilized the next. Unfair?
(17:40) Does this make sense? Floyd Mayweather's allowed to box -- but has to take anger management classes too!
(21:00) Casey Anthony's attorney runs for the hills -- why Mike thinks it's all about money. 
(25:10) Khloe -- accused of not being a Kardashian ... and of being a mutant! 
(29:03) Is Anna living proof that Khloe is a Kardashian?
(33:00) Brian is a mutant -- check out his freaky pinkies!!!
(38:03) Harvey and Liz go toe-to-toe -- is a GPS app that shows crime rate help or hurt the community?
(48:01) Kelly defends the "Toddlers" mom who let her daughter get down to a sexy song at a club.


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What these Marines did was wrong, but it nothing compared to what they do to our dead soldiers and Marines. They strip them of their clothes and chop them with swords then hang them from the nearest lightpole for all to see. I don't agree with what these Marines did, but this isn't the worst thing that goes on over there.

963 days ago


Wow, Khloe and pissing marines in the same photo. Talk about appropriate groupings...

963 days ago

Old Grunt    

If you ask me, that's a waste of good piss.. Could always be worse, they could be filmed taking trophies..

963 days ago


I feel for marines and soldiers alike who have lost their friends in war. And for those mums and dads who have lost sons/daughters or have their kids return home broken people. On both sides. But urinating on the dead makes those no better than those they fight. Humans have been waging war against one another since the year dot. Wars will never stop.

963 days ago


Haha, I like how they muted audio after Harvey said "****** up"

963 days ago


Who cares if Khloe is biologically his? He chose to accept her as her own and that makes her his daughter.

963 days ago


Who cares if Khloe is his biologically? Either way, he accepted her as his daughter. That is all anyone needs to know.

963 days ago


Stop trying to justify those soldier's actions. There is no excuse for that, period. And as is just being said now, flip it around - when others abuse bodies, they're animals. So are these Marines. And yes, I'm 99% sure it's real.

963 days ago


Well maybe if they could do what they have been trained to do and get the hell out things would be different! This is not acceptable, but either is what we are putting our troops to do. It should be win and get out--their hands are tied.

But all do respect TMZ--get a video of what they do to our troops and post that on TMZ. It's bull that you would post this--as if our troops aren't facing enough danger.

963 days ago


RE: The alleged Marine video - When Charles says "It doesn't make it right"... there shouldn't be a comment immediately afterwards that starts with "yeah, but...". He's right - if we're okay with condemning the same actions by the enemy, we shouldn't condone it from US soldiers. We should hold ourselves to the Geneva convention of humane treatment.

963 days ago


THESE soldiers are facing death hourly..and mr. blinky preachy tough guy there at his desk is lambasting US Marines? HE is a douche for doing that. Taliban stone women, chop off heads, cut off limbs, and are BRUTAL!.. Talibans are sick gross sub human garbage.
I doubt the local population could care less about what happens to the talibans!

963 days ago


When was the last time any of you guys were stationed in Iraq, etc. for months on end. All I hear, Are a bunch of wusses speaking from their Ivy towers. I'm truly P.O.'d with TMZ.

963 days ago


These pigs made a grat propaganda film for the Enemy! MORONS!

963 days ago


the only crime with the Marines is that they taped it. I would've **** in the enimies mouth!!

963 days ago


Whats out of control is how much the media is involved in our military situations. The troops should not have done this but I'm sure worse could have been done. It's not like they're cutting the heads off people on camera or anything. Back during WWII bodies played with and devalued more than now but there was no media to show it. People it's war, it's not supposed to be pretty. Ya these soldiers shouldn't have done this but don't say they are out of control or monsters or anything.

963 days ago
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