TMZ Live Why U.S. Soldiers Might Urinate on Dead Bodies ...

1/11/2012 12:30 PM PST

TMZ Live -- Why U.S. Soldiers Might Urinate on Dead Bodies ...

The USMC is investigating a video appearing to show U.S. soldiers peeing on dead bodies -- but there could be an explanation for the despicable act. Basically, war is hell ... and Harvey says that drives good men to do horrible things. Reasonable?

Plus, the is-Khloe-a-real-Kardashian debate rages on -- and you gotta hear Charles' mutant theory! Also, the so-called "ghetto GPS" has some people in the newsroom pissed ... and others excited.

(3:30) Shocking video allegedly showing U.S. soldiers peeing on corpses ignites a Marine investigation -- and a furious debate.
(7:35) Soldiers are forced to kill for their country one minute -- then asked to act civilized the next. Unfair?
(17:40) Does this make sense? Floyd Mayweather's allowed to box -- but has to take anger management classes too!
(21:00) Casey Anthony's attorney runs for the hills -- why Mike thinks it's all about money. 
(25:10) Khloe -- accused of not being a Kardashian ... and of being a mutant! 
(29:03) Is Anna living proof that Khloe is a Kardashian?
(33:00) Brian is a mutant -- check out his freaky pinkies!!!
(38:03) Harvey and Liz go toe-to-toe -- is a GPS app that shows crime rate help or hurt the community?
(48:01) Kelly defends the "Toddlers" mom who let her daughter get down to a sexy song at a club.