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Why U.S. Soldiers

Might Urinate on Dead Bodies ...

1/11/2012 12:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF


The USMC is investigating a video appearing to show U.S. soldiers peeing on dead bodies -- but there could be an explanation for the despicable act. Basically, war is hell ... and Harvey says that drives good men to do horrible things. Reasonable?

Plus, the is-Khloe-a-real-Kardashian debate rages on -- and you gotta hear Charles' mutant theory! Also, the so-called "ghetto GPS" has some people in the newsroom pissed ... and others excited.


(3:30) Shocking video allegedly showing U.S. soldiers peeing on corpses ignites a Marine investigation -- and a furious debate.
(7:35) Soldiers are forced to kill for their country one minute -- then asked to act civilized the next. Unfair?
(17:40) Does this make sense? Floyd Mayweather's allowed to box -- but has to take anger management classes too!
(21:00) Casey Anthony's attorney runs for the hills -- why Mike thinks it's all about money. 
(25:10) Khloe -- accused of not being a Kardashian ... and of being a mutant! 
(29:03) Is Anna living proof that Khloe is a Kardashian?
(33:00) Brian is a mutant -- check out his freaky pinkies!!!
(38:03) Harvey and Liz go toe-to-toe -- is a GPS app that shows crime rate help or hurt the community?
(48:01) Kelly defends the "Toddlers" mom who let her daughter get down to a sexy song at a club.


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i was wondering what you think of what bobby hebert said about les miles i think it was spot on and les miles deserved it

980 days ago


How funny would it be if Khloe's dad is OJ!

980 days ago


LOL Charles just alluded to the fact that Khloe is a mutant. Hubby and I just giggled.....

980 days ago


khloe just different like a robert on steroids
no shame in it

980 days ago


None of the kids in my family resemble each other, but we all look like various members of our parent's families.

980 days ago

Flying Blind    

dna test

980 days ago


Harvey and David Lee (with short hair) Separated at birth???

980 days ago


on the khloe issue - this all silly and cruel. She looks like her father, just because she doesn't look like her sisters is a non starter. My brother and I were in the same history class - the teacher put him in the desk behind me. It took the rest of the class until the end of the year to realise we were brother and sister-even with the same last name. Years later I went to a parent teacher meeting for my son - he came with me that time. One of his teachers said point blank - if he hadn't been with me, she would never have thought we were related. He wasn't adopted, trust me, I was there. People see what they want to - regardless of the truth.

980 days ago


its disgusting that a mom dont have a life that they have to live threw there children
its horrible

980 days ago


Mr. Levin, I agree with you regarding the Toddlers and Tiaras video. Also about child actors / singers, etc. Have you ever considered asking someone like Paul Peterson who I believe established "A Minor Consideration" to be on TMZ Live to provide a view from his years of being a child actor as well as his role in trying to help protect past and current child performers?

980 days ago


The problem with this is that it insinuates that all areas that have higher crimes are crime ridden. That is not the case!! It puts a huge stigma on areas that are not as bad as people think. Everyone driving thru compton will not get shot or robbed. It just doesnt happen.

980 days ago


My ex-husband was a great guy. He went to war and now he's a monster. Look at where you are, what you do for a living, and what you are surrounded with on a daily basis. You can judge celebrities all you want. They are weatlthy public figures. There is a good percentage of Marine families on welfare, their benefits are being cut, a pay cut of 20% is being proposed, and they are in 130 degree heat being shot at. Have you had a 12 year old child point a gun at you? Have you had a woman hold a bomb and lunge at you? My ex did. So, again look around at your life and tell me if you think that you have a right to judge?

980 days ago


the other sisters have had cosmetic surgery. Look at earlier picture of Kim she has a nose job. Lots of Botox shots too. Khloe is the only one who has not had any cosmetic or corrective surgery.

980 days ago


Marines are NOT soldiers!!!

980 days ago


Hey idiots at TMZ, they're MARINES not SOLDIERS. You call yourself media and you don't know the difference? Stick to what you know, HOLLYWOOD which equals NOTHING in this world.

980 days ago
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