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Heather's Medical Emergency ...

Hidden Signs of Trouble

1/13/2012 12:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

011212_tmzlive 17-03-02

The issues behind Heather Locklear's 911 emergency have been simmering for months -- but one thing is helping mask her battles with addiction. We've got all new details.

Plus, Tila Tequila wants to be a Jew -- so we're giving her TMZ's official Tribe test. It ain't Jeopardy ... but it's way funnier. Also, giving up sex for LIFE ... to be the greatest QB of all time? You gotta hear one TMZ staffer's reasoning for choosing football! 


(3:00) We broke the story -- Heather Locklear hospitalized yesterday for drug and alcohol  ... now we'll give you details you won't hear anywhere else.
(4:15) Heather -- a long history of addiction issues.
(7:30) Chaos in the newsroom! A huge story is breaking.
(10:20) The media is still attacking the peeing marines -- and Harvey has a HUGE issue with it.
(11:45) Itay -- a former Israeli solder -- won't budge ... he says there's no excuse for the way those marines acted.
(18:01) A look into our newsroom at work -- Mike is trying to confirm a major story.
(19:30) Tila Tequila is on the phone -- she's converting to Judaism ... so we're going to put her to the test.
(20:45) It all makes sense now ... Tila says reality show honcho David Weintraub is helping her convert.
(28:45) If you could be the greatest QB of all-time but had to be a life-long virgin ... would you do it? One staffer says hell yeah. 


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Her Dynasty is falling apart. She will need to start TJ HooKing soon.

1012 days ago



1012 days ago


I have to comment on your discussions re: the military guys misconduct. It is NOT unreasonable to expect soldiers to be trained to kill, but to be civilized as well. They have a job to do and their training is not just to masacre enemies. It is the same for police officers. They are trained to kill if needed, but they must conduct themselves within the law and not mistreat citizens. War does cause many soldiers to have mental issues. It is because of what they bare witness to. Just like many police officers suffer from ptsd and other psychiatric issues as they have to deal with criminals and crimes all the time.

It is an absolute insult to soldiers when you say that it is understandable that they could act uncivilized after being asked to kill their enemies. It is NOT hypocritical to train soldiers to kill and then expect them to be civilized.

1012 days ago


Gen Petraeus & other military bigwigs should also be hung out to dry for this; military stretched too thin and most were re-deployed 3, 4, 5, 6 times. But this is desecration of enemy bodies, too bad it's on film cuz now US has to act.

1012 days ago


Why isn't there a no option for dating George Clooney? With that said.....NO. I don't find him attractive.

1012 days ago


harvey Re best athlete v's sex hand jobs and vibrators count?

1012 days ago


Tila needs to go home and stop trying to get attention. Learn how to do something and get a job.

1012 days ago


That's why they are called the ENEMY. War is a savage thing. Compared to killing them, is peeing on them such a bad thing?

1012 days ago


If you can turn your emotions off, you go fight for your country. Otherwise dont be so over the top angry at people protecting your right to work on stories about celebrities.

1012 days ago


I agree with HARVEY about Soldiers.

1012 days ago


These soldiers already have a target on their back. They did not create any more danger for soldiers than they are already facing over there! These are the type of situations that have no business being broadcast and the person who released this video is an IDIOT. These guys are heros!

1012 days ago


why are they peeing ? is it some kind of a symbol ? what's the point . are they embarassing dead bodies?

1012 days ago


Whether or not it's right or wrong one thing is for sure... any time a cell camera records a man's junk for posterity is a bad thing. Bottom line: if you pee on a terrorist, turn off the camera!

1012 days ago


its just stupid man .

1012 days ago


Has anyone read Lord of the Flies? left in isolation for that long, i think in their case especially, being around that much murder, and that much turmoil is enough to make anyone crazy. Is it right what they are doing... No, no one in their right mind would urinate on a dead body, However i don't think these men are in their right minds. I think they almost have to in order to cope.

1012 days ago
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