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Arnold Schwarzenegger

Baby Mama Is Finally Divorced

1/15/2012 1:02 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0115_Mildred-Patricia-Baena_tmz_exArnold Schwarzenegger's baby mama, Mildred Patty Baena, is officially a single woman ... nearly four years after she filed for divorce from her husband ... TMZ has learned.

Baena's divorce made the news shortly after it was revealed she had the Governator's love child because her divorce docs stated she and her husband had no minor children

Baena originally filed for divorce in February 2008, seeking nothing in support. Finally, on January 3, she filed for a default judgement ... and it was granted that day.

Arnold, of course, is in the middle of his divorce from Maria Shriver. But as TMZ first reported, Shriver has been having second thoughts on pulling the plug and Arnold has recently been spotted wearing his wedding ring.


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Blurred his face after plastering it all over the page a few months back. We know what the kid looks showed us. Quit it, really.
And we care the ho is divorced, why?

991 days ago

bring back recent posts    

...and they can all live happily ever after?????????...

991 days ago


Arnold's ways coming home to roost. All those women who came forward when he ran for office, that he said he would deal with and never did should remind Maria what he is.

991 days ago

Rhiannon Stroberg    

When the new***** the fan about him having a baby mama, I realized that the news crew was not too far from where I lived, turned out she lived a block away from me and we drove by and saw all the news crews camping outside her house. Poor kid didn't get to have a normal 8th grade graduation. It's not his fault his father is the Sperminator. But anyways from what I here, this kid is attending my old high school so I wish him good luck, by the way, why is this news? She's not a celebrity, I mean yeah she had a celebrity's/Governor's love child but other than that she isn't anyone of importance. Just saying.

991 days ago


Just divorce his lying butt already. He is too old to change his ways. Loves his groupis.
How many more ways can he humiliate you?
Maria is educated woman and wont have problems finding a new career should she want one..I'm sure anyone would be happy to hire a Kennedy.
God only knows what else will come out of his toxic closet.

991 days ago

Home Skillet    

Hey TMZ - the word is spelled "judgment." Thank you.

991 days ago


this whole situation makes me sick, how can that man have his lover in the same house as his wife ,If your going to cheat at least do it out of town or better yet dont get married , such disrespect of the woman who is the mother of your children , doing it in the same house,thats low ,men are stupid ,women are far better at that game then men.and I cannot believe for the life of me why maria wants him back.and why she wouldnt go after that nasty looking woman,I guess arnold doesnt care about looks ,but this story just leaves me scratching my head in wonder, what the hell is going on here? I mean he was the governor of cali fornia,having sex with a woman who wanted to wear his wifes (which she wouldnt fit in)clothes.come dumb is that?or maybe I should say that it is creepy and if he did it once, he will do it maria dont do it, dont go back.

991 days ago


Are you SICK and TIRED of all these dag nab politicians and their affairs and infidelity?? Well, so am I quit certainly. That is why I am voting for Independent presidential candidate Abraham Fungus Jr. He has never cheated on his wife.. in fact he has NEVER even been on a date. So, when he goes into the oval office we can be assured there will be no one else there with him, other than perhaps, his fuzzy pet cat Mr. Fungals.

To re-iterate...


Today, tommorrow, and forever.


991 days ago


Why are you blurring his face? He's been on the cover of like 3 different magazines..

991 days ago

Jay W.     

A kinky, dirty, nasty, filthy little maid. Can we really blame AH-NULD? lol

991 days ago


Maria should divorce Arnold so he can marry skanky maid & help raise their son together. TMZ why blur the kid's face since there's plenty of pictures of him out there. The mother doesn't try to hide him from photogs, in fact she I think she's proud to have given birth to the cash cow.

991 days ago


I am sure Arnold was well aware of Patty's divorce. I would be very surprised if Arnold goes there again. He's too concerned about rebuilding his career and image but you never know.

991 days ago


ewww...i still can't believe arnold hit that! i mean i've banged some chicks i've regretted hooking up with, but that lady is gross! i think arnold could've done so much better. i'm just sayin..

991 days ago

Bobo Frog    

She looks like the type of wench a viking would pork in medieval times, so it's only fitting that the Barbarian planted his seed in her instead of with his socialite skeletor-wife.

991 days ago




990 days ago
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