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Casey Anthony's Dog Pics ...

What's Her End Game?

1/16/2012 11:35 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


New "leaked" pics of Casey Anthony and her dog have us wondering -- is Casey really the person behind the leaks ... and if so ... what's ultimately in it for her?

Plus, a heated debate over Frank Caliendo's Charles Barkley impression -- everyone's split on whether it's racist -- but most agree ... it's just not that funny. Also, Elton John versus Madonna ... who was a bigger jackass at the Golden Globes?


(1:55) Harvey can't stand the way Madonna came off during her acceptance speech -- but John steps up to defend her .
(3:30) And now playing the part of Madonna ... "Volcano" star Harvey Levin. You don't want to miss this.
(6:30) Classic -- Elton ripping Madge back in '04 ... a war of words that escalated even further last night.
(11:01) Gervais seems to call out Foster for being gay -- who's never come out of the closet. Was he over the line?
(14:30) Harvey is furious at an "Out" magazine cover that basically tries to out closeted stars.
(21:10) Even more pictures of Casey Anthony hit the Internet ... is she behind the leak? Mike has a theory.
(30:30) Casey's dog ... begging for help?
(34:50) Frank Caliendo dons a lightened form of black face for his Charles Barkley impression -- is it racist?
(35:00) Tyler's pick for the most racist black face movie is...
(39:20) Why does Brian think Frank gets a pass?


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Elton John is a real musician artist whose entire life made awesome music. He is great!
Madonna rode a wave of being an outrageous poseur with no real wonderful body of work of any merit. She is trivial.

974 days ago


Madonna will NEVER, EVER be as big or as talanted as Elton John!!!!! Madonna is a concieted, (God knows why), bitch who thinks the sun rises and sets on her. If she had any class at all she would be nicer at this age, maybe have a bit more class. Even in her 50's she's still an *******. I used to think it was just because she was young that she acted like such an ass. Guess not - its just her being her. Get over yourself honey, you are so over, so old and not very important to anyone any more. Elton, on the other hand will ALWAYS be a big draw.

974 days ago


Caliendo is funnier with his own face/ makeup

Looking like Barcley takes away from just how good his 'impression' of Charles really is!!

974 days ago


I know your staff of crack-top talent journalists (lol) are able to make the distinction of Frank Caliendo's heritage since the name "Caliendo" is that of MExican American descent. SO a man of color playing a man of color should cause no concern. However "Zionist" Harvey Levin I'm sure would love to create more racial tensions in order to capitalize on it. Disgusting angles of pointless journalism, I'm sure cashing checks based on your ability to stir up media controversy is humanity well spent. None of you will ever reach the plateau of the Pulitzer elite.

974 days ago


Why is there more focus on the actors and host than on the movies themselves? The Golden Globes are a bit out of touch with what really entertains audiences and makes a successful film. 2011 was a great year for movies but all the wrong ones get the attention… movies like Margin Call, Ironclad and even Girl with the Dragon Tattoo are snubbed by the awards. Each of these and more made my Top 10 Movies of 2011… tell me your favorite at and check out my cinema-inspired artwork on my artist’s blog.

974 days ago


I'm sorry but I happen to think that both great artists. However, last night Elton John and David Furnish were anything but Gentlemen. I hated Madonna's acceptance speech and thought she gave as good as she got from Ricky Gervais. However, both Elton John and his husband went WAY OVER THE LINE. At least Madonna (who knew he had trashed her) showed good form, you can't say that of the other two.

974 days ago


How about that sketch Caliendo did on Sunday ? He did a bit about Candlestick Park having more blackouts than Lindsay Lohan. (I think that's how it went).

I assume Lilo has set her lawyers on him.

974 days ago


What I am wondering is why anyone talking about this. Why is this news worthy? Who cares!

974 days ago


Why are you guys not doing the TMZ live show outside anymore?I miss the lovely back ground and sunshine on the strp.

974 days ago


I wouldn't worry so much about Elton and Madonna...they make too much money to really be relevant to society. As far as Frank yes it was funny but a white dude still can't and never paint his face black. It'll never be a good idea.

974 days ago


RICKY TOTALLY was out of line re Jody Foster!!! What
he said was rude. You can be funny without being
disgusting and rude. Also, the movie was very, very good.

974 days ago

Gloria Unread    

Harvey: "I can't believe the intolerence of people screaming for tolerence!"
Well, now he knows what it's like to be a modern day Republican! :p

974 days ago


I love it! Harvey TMZ Levin talking about peoples right to privacy and hypocrisy...The irony is about to make my head explode. Are you kidding me?

974 days ago


It is going to be another wasted halftime show during SuperBowl this year....who is running the marketing for SuperBowl Fanchise? one year - Black Eye Peas....boring! I am going to search if Spike TV have any halftime stuff for men.

974 days ago

Stan Giesea    

What's the big deal? Darryl Hammond did Jesse Jackson on SNL for years and Fred Armisen currently does President Obama.

974 days ago
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