TMZ Live Casey Anthony's Dog Pics ... What's Her End Game?

1/16/2012 11:35 AM PST

TMZ Live: Casey Anthony's Dog Pics ... What's Her End Game?

New "leaked" pics of Casey Anthony and her dog have us wondering -- is Casey really the person behind the leaks ... and if so ... what's ultimately in it for her?

Plus, a heated debate over Frank Caliendo's Charles Barkley impression -- everyone's split on whether it's racist -- but most agree ... it's just not that funny. Also, Elton John versus Madonna ... who was a bigger jackass at the Golden Globes?

(1:55) Harvey can't stand the way Madonna came off during her acceptance speech -- but John steps up to defend her .
(3:30) And now playing the part of Madonna ... "Volcano" star Harvey Levin. You don't want to miss this.
(6:30) Classic -- Elton ripping Madge back in '04 ... a war of words that escalated even further last night.
(11:01) Gervais seems to call out Foster for being gay -- who's never come out of the closet. Was he over the line?
(14:30) Harvey is furious at an "Out" magazine cover that basically tries to out closeted stars.
(21:10) Even more pictures of Casey Anthony hit the Internet ... is she behind the leak? Mike has a theory.
(30:30) Casey's dog ... begging for help?
(34:50) Frank Caliendo dons a lightened form of black face for his Charles Barkley impression -- is it racist?
(35:00) Tyler's pick for the most racist black face movie is...
(39:20) Why does Brian think Frank gets a pass?