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Lindsay Lohan

Sued By Delusional Man ...

Claims She Might Be a Hooker

1/17/2012 10:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan got SERVED with a lawsuit on her way into court this morning ... by an apparently delusional man who believes he played a role in the killing of Osama bin Laden.

TMZ has obtained a copy of the suit, filed in L.A. County Superior Court  ... which is essentially 12 pages of incomplete, incoherent gibberish.


From what we gather, the man who filed the claim, Thomas A. Green, alleges Lohan communicated with him via Facebook and led him to believe she would participate in a dot-com business he wanted to create.

It appears Green feels he was duped ... and when he pressed Lohan about her true intentions, he uncovered a conspiracy about the killing of Bin Laden.

In his suit, Green writes, "[Thomas] set out to command [Lohan] to twitter and stated if [Lohan] acknowledges this is an Osoma Bin Ladden op all civilians in past wrong doing will receive  clemency."

Green also claims he is a former U.S. Marine -- who recently spent time in a homeless shelter due to a "depreciated stage of delusion and hallucinations."

Then, for no apparent reason, he writes, "[Lohan] might be a high end prostitute."

Green is suing Lohan for engaging in unfair business practices -- and he's demanding $300,000.

But as crazy as his lawsuit seems, Green hired a process server ... who served Lindsay at her progress hearing in L.A. this morning.

So, stay tuned ...

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I'm starting to think that maybe Blowhan is borderline retarded or an idiot savant. The judge spoke to her as if she were in Special Ed, posters on here are high fiving her like she is at the Special Olympics and all of the gossip sites are talking about her as if she is retarded and just learned to tie her shoes. Idiot savants are retarded, but can do one thing amazingly well, so I'm starting to think that since Blowhan can't perform simple tasks unless a judge holds her hand and speaks v-e-r-y s-l-o-w-l-y to her there something seriously wrong upstairs.

1009 days ago

Red Cloud    

Lindsay's day went from good to better before she got back to CM. A story about a delusional freak claiming she's a hooker appeals to delusional haters on gossip sites who absolutely do not matter to Lindsay. There are fans and non-fans. Non-fans are irrelevant. Fans can easily recognize the difference between reality and BS. The most horrible, asinine nonsense can be written and said about Lindsay and the fan is smart enough to see IT for what IT is. This is the main reason her fan base is so large and continues to grow. Nothing can tear Lindsay down. Most people are too smart.

BTW, can't wait until she signs for Gotti.

1009 days ago

Dr. Cornelia J. Dogbarker PhD    

I think we can prove this guy is a total nutcase, especially when he calls Low-han a "high end prostitute." Everyone knows the dumb bitch is a dirty gutter-slut and nothing better than a back-alley ten dollar whore. Ha ha she's so disgusting....

1009 days ago

Michael Jackson Was A Pedo    

I completely believe the part about her being a high end hooker. I think that's fairly well known though.

1009 days ago

Blood Red Witch    

sternshow Stern Show
Howard gets @NickCannon to admit he did make out with @LindsayLohan. He says Lohan was the one attracted to him, not the other way around
9 hours ago Favorite Undo Retweet Reply

1009 days ago

Ghost Rider    

@ketjo, just wanted you to know that JFK, and Bobby are two of my heros, even though they were sex addicts. I still believe in there spirit, and it is up to each and every single one of us to make a difference.

1009 days ago


Little grass eater, when you launch a kamikaze attack, you better make sure you take out ALL your targets.

1009 days ago


I'm taking the liberty of apologizing for Rouge Wearer. He couldn't be here today.... too debilitated from crying.

1009 days ago

big bamboo    

this is Dark Rage6 and what he thinks of lindsay..her fans even think she is retarded
Lindsay Lohan's Future -- You Decide

81 days ago
I read a recent article that said that Lindsay quite literally has the mentality of a child and she genuinely dosen't get that her behavior affects what people think of her, so it's not a case of her being "bratty" as the idiots on here said, it's a case of being an adult in apperance, but still a kid in her mind, it might sound a lame excuse, but it's a perfectly legitimate mental condition, I think Sautner was aware of that, which was why she ordered Lindsay to attend those psychology sessions.

1009 days ago

big bamboo    

this is his next post...right after me and grandma cracker said she would use the retard defence
Dark rage6

Lindsay Lohan Posing Nude in Playboy

85 days ago
You stupid f*cking morons can say all the stupid sh*t you want, fact is, Lindsay's gonna be making major dough from this and it'll definitely be a helpful career boost for her, so you dumbf*cks can all go f*ck and jump off a cliff!

1009 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

"...which is essentially 12
pages of incomplete, incoherent gibberish."

Much like the articles on TMZ. Maybe you should give him a job.

1009 days ago


While I'm not too sure about the "prostitute" part ...

- He's RIGHT about Lindsey being "high end."

She duzn't come cheap, that one's for shore.

I'd feel flattered if I was her.

1009 days ago


I'm still catching up on a previous thread and MY GAWD, what a bunch of maroons. KK has not, will not, and has EVER been in the running to play E.T. Why would they cast a dark, Armenian American to play the very Anglo-Saxon British American Taylor? Are you people daft? Thats like Brad Pitt playing Nelson Mandela or Salma Hayek playing Grace Kelly or Jackin Chan playing Ronald Reagan. etc.
OY! There are no more words . . .

1009 days ago


HA! Michelle Williams just signed a deal for 2 million to endorse some high-end accessory designer crap. Linds must be furious. I hope Crate & Barrel puts the cones out in time. LNor already headed out in the stretch-Escalade to stockpile champagne glasses. I think they're going to need more security.

Smith-O-Geek..... are you busy?

1009 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

Which of you rode hardened pond lizard did this? FYI,You H8rs have the IQ of this delusional freak show!!!!!!!!!

1009 days ago
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