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Pilar Sanders SLAMS Deion

He's a No-Good CHEATER

... and a MEGA-Narcissist

1/17/2012 3:12 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Pilar Sanders mad at Deion
Pilar Sanders
just filed EXPLOSIVE new court documents in her divorce from Deion Sanders -- claiming the NFL star is a narcissistic "bully" who cheated on her with multiple people.

In the docs, obtained by TMZ, Pilar states her husband of 12 years "has been guilty of unkind, uncaring, insensitive, cruel and unusual treatment of [Pilar] ... as well as physical, mental and emotional abuse of [Pilar] and the parties' children."

Pilar says the divorce should be granted on grounds of "mental, emotional and physical abandonment."

Pilar adds, "[Deion] committed numerous acts of adultery ... on numerous occasions throughout the marriage." Just to be clear, she adds, "[Deion] voluntarily had sexual intercourse with others who were not his spouse."

It gets nastier ... she adds, "[Deion] is a bully" ... who "suffers from a narcissistic personality disorder, needs a full psychological evaluation."

In the docs, filed today in Texas, Pilar claims Deion also needs a parenting coach to teach him how to be a better father. 

Now, on to the money -- Pilar claims the judge should throw out their prenup ... and award Pilar a lion's share of the estate ... because she feels she was duped into signing the deal while under duress.

In the docs, Pilar requests sole legal custody of the couple's three mutual children ... claiming Deion is a bad, absentee father.

Pilar is also asking for exclusive access to the couple's mega-mansion in Texas ... meaning she wants Deion to finally pack his stuff and get out.

TMZ broke the story ... Deion filed for divorce first back in December ... and later said he was on good terms with Pilar.

Apparently, he was wrong.

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Gee, did she even date the guy before she married him? Or even see him on TV? I could have told you he was that way just by watching football. I have no sympathy for her; she knew what he was like BEFORE she married him. And from her exclusive bathroom tales, she is no doubt a narcissist also.

946 days ago


Words of advice to Pilar: Even in middle America, husbands cheat, and are amazingly narcissist. It's aways best to take the 'high ground' and keep any info to yourself and seek a good therapist to get you through this hurtful, humiliating time in your life. There's no need to bash your husband in public. You'll get what's owed you in the divorce, then quietly move on. Worked for me and good.

946 days ago


This attention wh*re and her attorney are playing this out in the tabloids because she is a gold-digging, former mistress who is trying so hard to become rich and famous from her divorce. She cheated with him when he was married to his other wife; what did she expect? Wh*oe sit down! He's on to the next one.

946 days ago

Pittsburgh's Finest    

LMAO. But she stayed with him for 12 years... If it was as bad as she claims, she couldve left a long time ago. I doubt that someone would wait until their 12th year of marriage to become a complete jerk. There had to be signs along the way. She is just a money hungry slut who tried to use her looks to marry a rich guy, pop out his kids, and never have to work again in life. Too bad her plan failed - Note to Pilar: Walmart is hiring!

946 days ago


I guess she really thought she was somethin special, huh? Maybe someone needs to refresh her memory of the fact that he 'cheated' on his FIRST wife with HER. Ugh.

946 days ago

Tophur Malek    

Pilar's lawyer must be watching Revenge too!

946 days ago


you came with a duffle bag, now leave with one!!! Stop waisting our time on fighting with you! We are sick and tired hearing about you!!! NOW LEAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

946 days ago


This is no personal attack on Deion. I'd just like to address people calling Pilar a "Gold Digger". I'm confident people who are NOT FANS OF HER VISIT THIS PAGE so, here is my opinion/observation to share with those accusers of her. Guys Use Your Mind! Look at her journey- If I'm not mistaken, she was on a set Acting when DEION met her. So, what does that mean? Answer: "SHE WAS ACTIVELY PURSUING HER OWN CAREER." She was in her TWENTIES, BEAUTIFUL (still is), with Talent and I'm sure many offers. Y'all know she's multi-talented, and what ATHLETES consider a "DIME PIECE" lets, keep it real. ATHLETES pursue women that LOOK like PILAR, period! Women like Pilar are put levels above a Video Model, or Pretty face, a Career Woman with Average looks; sorry, it‘s the TRUTH, blame men for that. She had/has the looks along with INTELLIGENCE, VISIONS andnGOALS- That’s what made Pilar (in my opinion) a SAFE CHOICE FOR DEION; HE KNEW SHE COULD PROVIDE FOR HERSELF. He knew, if she wanted to be with him, it had NOTHING MUCH TO DO WITH HIS MONEY!

Let’s not forget Male Actors pursuing women that look like Pilar. If she's in the field acting... and word goes around to someone like WESLEY SNIPES, an unusual Beauty is looking for roles- Do you really think that man would not take notice to Pilar? For real? However, because she's pursued by a man in her career field- SHE'S A GOLD DIGGER? For Real? Are we Serious? Many of us have work with people who wants or wanted to date us, I have. All that young lady had to do was pursue her dreams of entertainment and Those Men would have found her! Why does she have to dig for gold when she can make her own? She wasn't in clubs, wasn't exposing her body, wasn't selling it to get to the top, selling it to Playboy Magazine and the likes- But, she's a "GOLD DIGGER". Women like Angelina Jolie, Halle Berry, Stacey Dash, Nia Long… so forth and so on are talented women who worked with their gifts in Acting, Modeling, Whatever- and are Beautiful, who have dated men they’ve worked with; Are they Gold Diggers? Then, why in the Hell is Pilar labeled that?

I’m going to keep it realer for a minute. This is what I… think happen. Deion likes the finest, period; Deion pursued PILAR. Around that time, Deion’s focus was his New Found Relationship with God. He met Pilar, Knew she was a Highly Desired Woman. He shared his unfortunate first marriage story, Pilar fell in love with what she believed was a New Man. A man who hurt about losing his first family and would NEVER hurt her. Why? Because, in her mind- she’s saying, “This man is not a fool” he knows I have options, he know I’m independent, he knows I have a career in place, he knows I’m educated, a “Dime Piece” with brains- but, he won my heart with his testimony. Deion said himself, MY CAREER WAS DONE! It was over… He spoke of how God gave him other opportunities to make money and a new wife. In his Hall of Fame Acceptance Speech, he thanked his wife “For putting up with him”. Pilar saw Him and not his future POCKET as it looked like he would be on a road to decrease. However, God’s favor kept him. Pilar could have pursued her own… career in modeling, music, acting- in fact, she could have gotten a BALLER HER AGE… WITH NO DAMN PROBLEM; ONE FRESH IN THE NBA or NFL and not a Great Baller whose career was Ending… But, she’s a “Gold Digger”? She was young enough to get a Baller fresh in the game. Makes no damn sense what y‘all are saying. That girl covered herself and stood by that man when he was at his lowest; she stopped pursuing all of her Dreams.. She Advertised Athletic Products from Clothes and Machinery with him and help motivate him with other aspirations… while having beautiful babies for him. To those bashing this girl… Lord Shame on YOU! It’s nothing worse than a hater who does a poor job to not sound like one. I truly believe she’s being punished for HER BEAUTY! If she were ugly as hell, she would never be labeled a “GOLD DIGGER”; y’all would pity her and have compassion for all the years she’s sacrificed, loved and bore the children of a man who no longer wants her. She is truly a WIFE OF HER YOUTH (I mean just what I stated, not of HIS youth but, HERS). We need to call some of these Men “TROPHY DIGGERS”. There’s a New One… “TROPHY DIGGERS” or “TROPHY CHASERS”. *Please don’t be messy, I’m not calling Deion that. However, no matter how ugly some Ballers are (and Deion’s not ugly), once they get money, they pursue the SHINE OF A TROPHY. Just like they look for their cars, homes, clothes, status all that- they pursue Dime Pieces and forget just how ugly they are!

946 days ago


deion can find another pilar, but where is pilar gonna find another prime time deion sanders? stupid entitled, mediocre american whores. what nerve.

946 days ago


We will never fully know the truth but I personally saw him cheat on his wife 2 years ago so maybe they both should stop talking to the press and go on about their business.

946 days ago


I'd rather not hear about divorces and crap like this. It's not news to me.

946 days ago

TLuV *U*    

wat gets me is IT DOESNT MATTER HOW "HOT" YOU ARE.( now look, we all know Pilar is Hot, Shes pretty on top of being SeXy. lets keep it real.. dont HaTe PeoPle..) it doesnt Matter, MEN ARE DOGS AND MEN WILL CHEAT !! simple as that.. now you can dispute me, I really dont care, it iz wat it iz... just be single and Date.. why get married ? if your gonna Cheat. i dont get it !!!

946 days ago


Deion is a narcissist?!?!?!?!? Major news flash!

946 days ago


Pilar is fighting like hell to stay in Gucci and Prada isn't she? Somebody tell this_bitch to start looking for a stripper pole.

#team Deon

946 days ago


Well DUH! Of course he's a Black Athlete isn't he?

946 days ago
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