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Randy Jackson Sues Baby Mama

I've Given You Enough!

1/19/2012 8:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Randy Jackson
is going after the baby mama that got a huge child support judgment against him ... claiming she's sponged off the Jackson family for nearly 2 decades.

Alejandra Jackson -- who has 2 kids by Randy and 2 by his brother Jermaine -- has a child support judgment against Randy that exceeds $600,000 -- that's because Randy hasn't paid his $1,200 a month in years and the debt plus interest swelled into outer space. 

Randy has now filed legal docs trying to undo Alejandra's judgment, claiming they cut a deal in 1993 that Randy and Michael Jackson agreed to let Alejandra and her kids live in the Jackson family compound in Encino and in return he wouldn't have to pay child support.

On top of that, Randy says the Jackson family provided Alejandra with food, utilities, maids, cooks, security guards, telephones, gardeners, maintenance, use of numerous expensive cars, etc.

Randy says, in short, she's gotten way more than the $600k he owes her. 

Randy also says in the docs, Alejandra and the kids have lived "like kings and queens at Randy Jackson's expense."

We're thinkin' it's another Jackson who foots the bills.


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Please...Randy Jackson is nothing but a phkn PIG! If ythe azz hole took vare of his kids then maybe his ex wouldnt ber such a bitch....also why doesnt the stupid phk sue Jermaine for having his stepkid/nephews? This family is pure GARBAGE!

1007 days ago


he says she has lived off the jackson name, have you met kettle?

1007 days ago


Maybe condoms were a better idea?

1007 days ago

northern gypsy    

no was M.J. who PAID her bills !!!
this twit needs to give her head a shake...
and BOTH fathers need to step up and PROVIDE for their children...

1007 days ago


Randy doesn't have any money! He has to ask his mommie for some of MJ's money. That whole family is nothing but a bunch of freeloaders. Get a job, fat ass!

1007 days ago


Gold digger in the worst way. Pathetic she has children by two of the brothers.

1007 days ago


Poor Randy, must be rough being the talented one in the family.

1007 days ago


dam! this B**** is a H**! Both brothers and kids with both of them..that is sick! lol

1007 days ago


Ew, I never knew she had kids by two of the brothers. I wouldn't give her trashy a$$ sh*t. Like really how low can you get?

1007 days ago


She is trash, totally deserves the jackson name!!!! Heck, she slept with almost all the family, prolly Joe too!

1007 days ago


You look up gold digger in the dictionary and this woman's picture is there. Katherine Jackson had to "renovate" her house to get this woman out of there. It was this ladies kids that had the stun gun around MJ's kids. Mrs Jackson offered to set her up in her own condo, with all the perks that she had been getting but she refused to go, hence the "renovation". Personally I would have evicted her a long time ago and threw her stuff out on the lawn, but Micheal's mother isn't like that, she's a Christian woman.
Why does she need a bodyguard for?? She's a nobody. And if she lives with Micheal's mother, who I am sure has a gardener already, why does she need on??
This woman is the worst kind of trash. Talk about a low life.

1007 days ago

V Kint    

The Jackson family never ceases to amuse...

1007 days ago


Typical. Don't think its going to fly in court, turn into a he said/she said thing. She's a lazy slut and he's just a lousy slut and a deadbeat dad. "Oh, don't worry, my rich brother will take care of your lazy ass". Time to take care of your own damned kids you wastrel.

1007 days ago

King of TMZ    

What strikes me he says "HER kids" lol as of they're not his or his brothers lol

What do you expect from marrying a poor lady while being rich? yah pay pay pay...

1007 days ago
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