Chad Muska Skates in Racially-Charged Vandalism Case

1/22/2012 4:00 AM PST

Famed skateboarder Chad Muska has copped a plea in his vandalism case ... a case where Muska went wild on a hotel security guard, repeatedly using the N word.

Muska was at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood last July when he was detained by security after tagging the window of a nearby coffee shop.  While Muska was held at bay, he screamed, "F**k all these N*ggas right here." (video below)

Muska pled no contest to misdemeanor vandalism Friday.  But here's the deal.  The judge cut Muska a break and will not enter the conviction if Muska doesn't break the law for the next year and makes restitution to the coffee shop. 

If Muska is a good boy, the case will go away.

Stay tuned.