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Rihanna and Chris Brown

More Evidence ...

They're Back Together

1/23/2012 5:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Rihanna and Chris Brown partied at the same club last night, fueling growing rumors they're back together.

The two singers left Greystone Manor -- a West Hollywood club -- separately, but they were both definitely there at the same time.

Several people who were at the club last night tweeted that as far as they could see Rihanna and Chris had no contact with each other.

The protective order -- requiring that they have no contact with each other after Brown beat Rihanna -- was lifted a year ago.


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Oh brother, stay tuned...
It's sad how some women are drawn to violent men (and vice versa). Hopefully they're just friends...

1007 days ago



1007 days ago


Our generation's Ike & Tina....

Maybe VH-1 should create a reality show.. "Rihanna & Chris Round 2 - Hit or Miss"....

1007 days ago


If she goes for this, she is totally stupid. I would suggest some therapy for BOTH.

1007 days ago

Sonya in Tx    

I always thought that Rihanna is a dumb woman. But if the rumors are true about her dating Chris Brown again, she's even dumber than I ever thought she could be.
If she gets back together with him, whatever happens to her next, she has coming....

1007 days ago

Be a little inappropriate~    

You in danger girl

1007 days ago


Chris Brown and RIhanna were in the same building, but had no contact with each other. Just like at the VMAs, the Grammy's, the Oscars, Laker games etc. And this proves they're back together?

1007 days ago


god you people ignorant idiots

1007 days ago


TMZ you fail once again

If Lindsay Lohan and Rihanna were at the same club would that mean they're dating? NO it means the were at the same club. Do you have evidence that they were together? Do you have evidence that they interacted? NO if two celebrities were at the same club it means that the club is popular and celebrities go there. Just because they have a connection doesn't mean that they were there to see each other.

Research before you claim.

1007 days ago


Dont worry folks, he will put in his shiny white grill to cover the bad teeth, put the baby blue sweaters back on so at least he not look like a guy who beats women.

1007 days ago


If you look at the video, his gf Karruche Tran was in the front seat with him. How is he hooking up with Rihanna while she is there?! Makes no sense other than to tell a tabloid story...

1007 days ago


Plain and simple this girl is a fool!!!

1007 days ago


Wow and the cycle begins! He will treat her good for a minute, get angry at whatever trigers his little boy anger. He will proceed to beat the living Shi&t out of her ugly face and then its going to be jail, court again. People like Chris brown are just calm because they got caught. Once everything gets comfortable and he earns her trust, she will be too embaressed to come out and say HE BEAAAAT ME. She is an idiot for going back to this piece of crap PUSS*Y! I have known situations like this and they never get better on the long term. RUN .

1007 days ago


If she goes back to Chris Brown she will set such a bad example for all girl's and women in the world. If she is that stupid to go back knowing what could happen then she deserves everything she gets. I will not feel sorry for her. Let's just hope she is smarter than that and think's more of herself than that!

1007 days ago


I really hope she wouldn't be that stupid. The girl is beautiful enough to get any man she wants, why would she intentionally be with someone she KNOWS will abuse her?

1007 days ago
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