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Tracy Morgan

Before 911 Emergency --

Signs of Illness

1/23/2012 8:12 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Before Tracy Morgan fell unconscious at a Sundance award event last night, the actor hit the red carpet with the co-producers of his new film "Predisposed" -- but something wasn't right.

Tracy looked in good spirits on his way into the Creative Coalition Spotlight Awards -- smiling, chatting -- but for some reason, one of his producers felt the need to constantly reassure the actor under his breath ... saying things like, "I'm right here" ... "We got you."

It's unclear from the footage what was bothering Tracy.

TMZ broke the story ... Tracy fell unconscious later in the evening after delivering a near-incoherent award acceptance speech. He was subsequently rushed to a nearby hospital in an ambulance.

A spokeswoman for Park City Medical Center -- where Tracy is being treated -- claims neither drugs nor alcohol were found in Tracy's system upon medical evaluation.

9:50 AM PT: Tracy just tweeted, claiming the high altitude was responsible for his 911 emergency last night -- "Superman ran into a little kryptonite. The high altitude in Utah shook up this kid from Brooklyn."


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How ridiculous are those people around him? Anyone with access to a People magazine knows that Tracy is a diabetic and has had a kidney transplant. He needed to be taken to a hospital long before the red carpet! Oh, I know, the publicity for your stupic movie was more important. Pardon me. These people are either incredibly ignorant, pure evil, or both.

966 days ago


and he's wearing a dog pelt ... perfect!
god only knows what those guys were sniffing ... obviously he was paranoid and needed reassurance

966 days ago


Leave it to TMZ to create a sensational headline that is absolutely not borne out in the actual video. I didn't hear Tracy Morgan slurring his words or appearing as if he couldn't stand on his own. I'm guessing he was having some ill effects based on his diabetes and recent transplant, adn his co-stars were close by to make sure he was okay through the receiving line.

Honestly, I don't think Tracy appeared intoxicatd at all, adn I'm usually the first to jump on the "stinking drunk" train when it comes to bad celebrity behavior.

966 days ago


Uh, did that reporter just call Tracy "Jay-Z"!?!? Get well soon, Tracy Morgan!

966 days ago


He didn't seem that bad in this clip. He didn't look drunk to me. If he is diabetic and he had a kidney transplant, he is on a lot of medication. A lot of things can affect blood sugar, and I have had problems with high altitude, so there is no telling what combination of things may have been happening.

966 days ago


He is a diabetic -- it sounds like he was experiencing hypoglycemia. His blood sugar was low, which commonly makes people appear as if they are under the influence of alcohol. It happens very fast before the person loses consciousness and passes out. I've been witness to this before.

966 days ago


The first thing you learn in nursing school about diabetes is that many diabetics in crisis are mistaken for being intoxicated. The have a very acidic breath and show confusion, all due to their blood sugar level. He is lucky people know that he is a diabetic.

966 days ago

Cheryl A.    

Looks like low blood sugar. He needed a soda more then an arm to lean on.

966 days ago

david 183    

Shouldn't his medical records be private??????

966 days ago


Tracy has a serious medical history. He should have gotten medical attention immediately, not been propped up so he could do press. And WTF is up with his fiance? She was so into the photo op she didn't have an ounce of concern on her face. If that were my fiance, I would have been demanding he be examined if it meant carrying him out of there on my back.

966 days ago


Another high flying comic who needs to put stuff in his body to be kewl and funny

966 days ago


Wow, I can't believe he was surrounded by all those people and NONE of them realized he was having a diabetic reaction. Don't people know he could have very easily died??? I know whenever my cousin's blood sugar levels are off, because his speech becomes slurred and he doesn't act like himself. When that happens, I have to be aware and tell him to check his blood sugar level and take the appropriate medicine, because in that state his brain turns foggy and he's sometimes not aware of the danger he's in. Diabetics can quickly fall into a diabetic coma and die from their condition, so I'm extremely saddened by the media's decision to cover up what might have been a fatal health crisis and instead are touting it as a sensationalized "no drugs or alcohol" storyline.

966 days ago

Glory Bee    

Not a fan, at all. But CAN testify to effects of high altitude when unaccustomed. I'm a very healthy person who suffered a problem of faintness when spending weekend at new boyfriends mountain home. Sometimes the problem is simple. Like here perhaps.

966 days ago


Actually, "high altitude sickness" is a real thing... one of my uncles had it every time he would come to visit us in Lake Tahoe. He would appear drunk and disoriented - and had not had one drink! He had to take medicine before he came to visit after they discovered what it was. Whether you like Tracy or not, this is a real condition and can be serious, so please let's consider this be a non-tabloid story and just someone who is having health issues, people!!! Try being compassionate, please.

966 days ago


Sure it was the altitude.........Uh huh...I have a bridge to sell also.

966 days ago
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