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Halle Berry to Gabriel Aubry

Stay Away From Nahla!!!

1/24/2012 6:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0124_halle_EX_GSIHalle Berry has just arrived at court, where she'll ask a judge for an order prohibiting her baby daddy, Gabriel Aubry, from having ANY contact with 3-year-old Nahla until the child endangerment investigation against him is resolved.

As TMZ first reported, the LAPD is conducting a criminal battery and child endangerment investigation after Gabriel allegedly pushed the nanny with Nahla in her arms. And before the alleged pushing, the nanny says Gabriel screamed at her and hurled a racial epithet. In addition, we've learned the L.A. County Dept. of Children and Family Services is also conducting a child endangerment investigation.

TMZ has learned more about what nanny Alliance Kamdem has told the cops. Law enforcement sources tell us ... Kamdem claims Gabriel repeatedly yelled and cursed at her, often while Nahla was present. Kamdem also says it got so bad ... Gabriel would make her sit in a corner in his condo until he called for her.

Kamdem also claims Gabriel often yelled at Nahla, causing the child to cower and cry. And she told police ... when Nahla had a rash he refused to treat it.

Kamdem quit last week after Gabriel allegedly shoved her.

Gabriel's rep tells TMZ, "Anyone can file a police report at any time, regardless of it being accurate."

As for Halle's court appearance later this AM ... we'll be there.



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Is Halle Berry really doing this? Seriously? He is her father. If this is all a strategy and a ploy to get full custody, I'd be really disappointed. She KNOWS Gabriel loves his daughter. SHE KNOWS. Why is she trying so hard to keep them apart? She's vicious.

972 days ago


Halle Barry is bat**** crazy. It is a shame that she is going to use her child as a weapon against the father.

Parents who do this to their kids should be locked up. I can only imagine what kind of non-sense that crazy woman will tell her kid (after she wins her custody battle and makes it impossible for Gabriel to see his daughter - the mother always wins). That kid will spend a childhood of being told her father did love her, he doesn't want to see her, he left her because he didn't want her, blah, blah, blah.

This is what crazy women do.

972 days ago


French people are actually known for being somewhat rude. I believe having that bitch for ex is not easy. She probably wants him out of their baby's life, now that she'll marry another frenchman. It's sure to be a hell of a fight, and I bet she'll show no scruples.

972 days ago


This bit&h is craaaazy. I don't believe anything that comes out her mouth, I'm sure she paid the nanny a nice sum of money to create this story to make Gabriel look bad. BIT&H GET SOME THERAPY AND QUIT KEEPING YOU CHILD AWAY FROM HER FATHER.

972 days ago


Reasons not to believe the nanny:
1.) If the man is violent no one would go back for more.
2.) If true, the child would have problems with her father. Which does not appear to be the case with some of the photos.
3.) Halle has control issues and more than likely set this whole thing up to limit the father's time with the child.
4.) Halle is transferring her relationship problems with her father and other men into this relationship. But, in this case if will damage the child and father's relationship.
The nanny should be criminally charged for setting these events up, lying and tying up the courts. These women need to go away.

972 days ago


Halle Berry is a:


972 days ago


She is nothing more than a dangling piece c.r.a.p, hence the name "Dingle" Berry.

972 days ago


If he hurt that child he should go to jail. F the bs just bc he is 'handsome' and white all these ppl over look that fact that he can be a monster too. Just bc halle berry is crazy does not mean he is sane. He messed with and had he baby and he know probably after the first month w/ her that she was messed up. He is prob just as sick. I'm praying for that child.

972 days ago


Halle has a history of being a manipulative liar and a criminal, look it up. This is a classic case of parental alienation. She just wants Gabriel out of the way so that Olivier can play daddy.

972 days ago


thats what you get for hating people of your own kind i dont feel sorry for her(Halle Berry) i just feel sorry for her child for she has done nothin wrong to deserve all this...

972 days ago


Halle Berry is half white and half black. Gabriel Aubrey is all white. Not trying to sound racist, just addressing an issue and making a point. Nahla is three quarters white, one quarter black. It is my understanding that if you are any part black, you are considered black. Therefore, Halle is correct. But, in my opinion, she is a nut job ad I feel sorry for Gabriel and Nahla. She is drama every minute of the day, and iit is never her fault!Next we will be hearing how bad Oliver M is--wait, google him, you can read it for yourself!

972 days ago


That racial epithet is the same thing Halle used against him. Sound like Halle and the nanny got the dialog to their script down to the pack. If the judge and DCFS people can't read between Halle lines his man child will be taken away from him. Halle is a sick witch. Nahla is more in endangerment with Halle than her father. The man she is sporting her little girl around isn't going to give up his children for Halle and her daughter. He is just having fun while Halle is acting like a slut.

972 days ago


Why is a ****** doing anything but cleaning and polishing

971 days ago


Most of the comments written about Halle Berry, were tainted with racist condentations and full of pure hatred Why is it that white actors can marry numerous times, some have even accused their exes of child abuse. Yet none are called ****s,or labeled crazy. Most psychologists consider racism a form of mental illness. I guess this would explains the garbage written by the "bottom of the barrel".

964 days ago



955 days ago
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