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Jimmy Fallon Lawsuit

Claims He's Into Female

Domination ... at Work

1/24/2012 5:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0120_fallon_BN_01Jimmy Fallon likes being bossed around by women, and tried to surround himself with an all-female stage crew -- that's the claim of a fired staffer who's suing Jimmy and NBC Universal for discrimination.

In the lawsuit, filed in Manhattan, Paul Tarascio -- claims he was dropped from his position as first stage manager at "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon" ... and replaced by a "totally incompetent woman" back in early 2010.

In the documents, obtained by TMZ ... Tarascio accuses Fallon of "gender bias" -- and says he wasn't the only victim. He claims other male staffers, such as audio technicians and a Prop-Master were also replaced by women at Jimmy's request.

Tarascio also alleges his replacement was "a less qualified woman" who constantly asked him how to do the job, and screwed up her stage manager duties.

In the docs, Tarascio says Jimmy's director, David Diomedi, told him, "Jimmy just prefers to take direction from a woman." He also claims that -- under pressure from producers -- Diomedi  "knowingly fabricated alleged performance issues" about Tarascio.

Tarascio is suing for punitive damages and lost wages.

Calls to Jimmy's rep and NBC Universal were not immediately returned.


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Oh, please... Wasn't there something that said the guy suing had an axe to grind with one of the female production staff? This moron's just looking for a quick payday--nothing will come of this.

1001 days ago

HRH Prince Michael    

Undoubtedly, Mr. Fallon has done some hilarious song-parodies, and without question Mr. Tarascio has made some
serious allegations.

Overstand -if you will - Women in America, have waged a long battle for "Equal Rights", and I wholly support this cause. Yet -Truth, be told- the relentless efforts by some, have cunningly created a disturbing and divisive Societal imbalance.
"Equality" might have been the intent, but, in most facets
of American Society, Superiority is the true goal.
Essentially, a sinister de-masculinization of "America".
From grossly unfair "laws" to purely lame potrayals of "Men"
in the mass-media. Be sure, these crafty biases are no longer acceptable, and simply, shall not be tolerated.

Finally, in my life-time I have witnessed two undeniable Truisms: No greater Oppressor, than those who have cried "Oppression" the loudest, and no greater plea for
"Mercy", than from the once-Merciless.

Psalm2_012 is NOW, The Most Blessed Christ King YESHUA, reigns!

1001 days ago


I don't believe it. Jimmy seems too good for that.

1001 days ago


Jimmy seems like a little ***** himself

1001 days ago


Jimmy seems like a little P_ussy himself

1001 days ago


he's a sleazy horndog. u can see it in his ugly face

1001 days ago


He should be glad he was fired now he can collect unemployment before this dumb as* show is cancelled

1001 days ago


it's jimmy's show, he should get to work with any one he wants plus when he said he was replaced w/ an incompetent woman, makes him sound sour grapes and just wants a pay day

1001 days ago


Fallon. Mustache. Can you go more back into the years? This isn't recent. Get with the times dumbass! And Jimmy is an amazing person. Maybe the men he worked with were jackasses, that's why he prefers woman. Big whoop. -.-

1001 days ago


Somebody tell Paul to stop whining, please.

1001 days ago


It's very easy to tell if this guy is lying or not. If he's telling the truth and men are replaced with incompetent women, then the show and the set will crash and burn in a few episodes. If the show continues with business as usual then we know they weren't incompetent.

1001 days ago


It's Jimmy's show, he can work with whoever he wants to!!! This guy that's suing him can suck it up, he probably wasn't even fit for the job anyway...
This guy just wants attention, he's just jealous that Jimmy is talented and hilarious. It's not his show, it's Jimmy's, and so Jimmy should get to choose who he wants to work with.

Ps, what's with the moustache pic, TMZ?

1001 days ago

Joe L    

I worked at NBC-NY on SNL, "Rosie". This "woman's clubhouse" craps been going on over 10 years at 30 Rock. This guys not making this up and NBC knows it!!
The same thing goes on during summer movie shoots done by the same writers and production teams

1001 days ago


STFU Paul..loserville..women rock!!!

1001 days ago


Well, intelligent women are smarter, funnier, and appreciate and enjoy life more than most men.

1001 days ago
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