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Steve Tisch: Super Bowl

or Oscar ... Choose ONE!

1/24/2012 12:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF


It's Harvey's favorite question ever (this week) -- would you rather win an Oscar or a Super Bowl? We've got NY Giants co-owner/Oscar winner Steve Tisch ... the only man who's won both. You gotta see which one he treasures more.

Plus, Seal refuses to take off his wedding ring despite his split from Heidi Klum -- sounds sweet on the surface ... but most people think he's just delusional.

Also, Halle Berry's legal war with Gabriel Aubry rages on -- and our attorney, Elisabeth, has a very "heavy" opinion. 


(0:00) Halle Berry's nanny fails to get a restraining order against Gabriel Aubry -- Harvey will explain the entire saga ... without the use of notes.
(8:15) Our lawyer Elizabeth has doubts about the nanny's claims against Gabriel.
(11:00) Mike -- reporting live from a wind tunnel.
(17:45) Steve Tisch calls in to tell us which trophy means the most to him -- his Oscar for producing "Forrest Gump" or the Lombardi trophy he won with the NY Giants.
(23:00) Ryan makes a great point -- "Gump" will be enjoyed for years ... but no one's gonna watch Super Bowl XLII again.
(25:01) Where does Tisch keep his awards?
(32:00) Heidi Klum -- legally jock blocking Seal?
(34:20) Seal's keeping his ring on -- our staffers think it means he can't accept the fact that she's moving on.
(42:01) The Bruins' goalie snubs a visit to the White House -- did he screw his teammates over his political beliefs?


No Avatar


With her track record of man after man and personal issues that are well do***ented: I say Halle is the problem with her psychotic ass! Gabriel should have known better.

1001 days ago


Halle's the psycho beyotch.

1001 days ago

Sonya in Tx    

People are sick for trying to sell JoePa's memorial tickets on eBay.

1001 days ago


I am thinking that Halle is the Royal Bitch here...she seems to want to control this man whether heswith her or not...and with her track record with men...makes me wonder why eric benet and that baseball palyer cheated on her...they probably wanted one night with out some vain bitch nagging them....lets hope this bitch changes her tampons as much as she changes men....

1001 days ago


No, I think Tim Thomas should respect the President's invite no matter what especially because he is the ONLY American in the lineup. But I can also see why he's mad that Obama is giving jobs overseas- The Bruins lineup is dominated by Canadians.

1001 days ago


First of all I'm on his side! She used him as a sperm donor! She's probably paying the nanny to say all the things he supposedly did to her! She's a psycho!

1001 days ago


Halle is a typical black beotch, who has $, and thinks
the world owes her something. STOP spreading your legs
with white men if you don't want to have a kid with them.
She is a nasty, skanky, psycho, nut-job. I feel sorry for
Gabriel. Bet he wished he'd worn a CONDOM! And remember
Halle, that child is HALF let her FATHER
introduce the child to the 'white peoples'world and how
we live. It isn't so bad should TRY it..
because being a mean, controlling, hateful black woman
isn't working out too good for you, is it?

1001 days ago


There's only one bad guy here & that's Halle Berry. The restraining order and abuse allegations are all contrived. She's trying to push her baby daddy out of the picture any way she can and it's SO WRONG. How dare she !!

1001 days ago

Auntie Lu    

That man and his child both have the right to a relationship. Period. You can't have "buyers remorse" on a man's sperm! Miss. Berry had a child out of wedlock, without (obviously) getting to know him, first. And by the way, who works for who? What nanny questions a parent about what they're doing with his or her child? That is NOT her business. She should simply have let the mother know the child missed (PRE-school) that day (horrors!). Isn't is possible that the man simply wanted one on one time with his daughter? Yet another case of a woman treating a child like her personal property. Half that DNA is HIS, lady, and SO IS THAT CHILD.

1001 days ago


BS Charles..national average says 71 percent of all men who fight for kids win the kids..the scales are favored towards men, IF THEY FIGHT, because most men who fight have more money then women...check it out before you say something like that..thanks

1001 days ago


I'm black and every time I see yet another crazy allegation cooked up against Nahla's obviously doting father by vindictive Halle, my heart sinks. I feel sorry for Gabriel Aubry and his daughter. Ms Berry has major issues.

1001 days ago


I have a good hunch that the Halle nanny is being paid off. Halle wants her "family" now with Martinez and the hell with Gabriel. That's just not how it works regardless of your name, finances, etc... I have lost all respect for her a while ago.

1001 days ago


turn the damm fan off i can't here

1001 days ago


She made herself look bad about the whole Kim Kardashian episode it was none of her business who he dated to begin with. I'm with Team Gabriel, Halle is crazy and a low life of human being to push things this far. I bet she paid the nanny to do that against him. Poor Nahla she will never have a normal life with that crazy mother of hers.

1001 days ago


Brilliant tactic...Seal may be in over his head in this divorce...naive pup...

1001 days ago
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