TMZ Live Steve Tisch: Super Bowl or Oscar ... Choose ONE!

1/24/2012 12:30 PM PST

TMZ Live: Steve Tisch -- Super Bowl Ring or Oscar ... Choose One?

It's Harvey's favorite question ever (this week) -- would you rather win an Oscar or a Super Bowl? We've got NY Giants co-owner/Oscar winner Steve Tisch ... the only man who's won both. You gotta see which one he treasures more.

Plus, Seal refuses to take off his wedding ring despite his split from Heidi Klum -- sounds sweet on the surface ... but most people think he's just delusional.

Also, Halle Berry's legal war with Gabriel Aubry rages on -- and our attorney, Elisabeth, has a very "heavy" opinion. 

(0:00) Halle Berry's nanny fails to get a restraining order against Gabriel Aubry -- Harvey will explain the entire saga ... without the use of notes.
(8:15) Our lawyer Elizabeth has doubts about the nanny's claims against Gabriel.
(11:00) Mike -- reporting live from a wind tunnel.
(17:45) Steve Tisch calls in to tell us which trophy means the most to him -- his Oscar for producing "Forrest Gump" or the Lombardi trophy he won with the NY Giants.
(23:00) Ryan makes a great point -- "Gump" will be enjoyed for years ... but no one's gonna watch Super Bowl XLII again.
(25:01) Where does Tisch keep his awards?
(32:00) Heidi Klum -- legally jock blocking Seal?
(34:20) Seal's keeping his ring on -- our staffers think it means he can't accept the fact that she's moving on.
(42:01) The Bruins' goalie snubs a visit to the White House -- did he screw his teammates over his political beliefs?