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Halle Berry

Child Services Pays Visit

Over Aubry Abuse Allegations

1/25/2012 11:52 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services is at Halle Berry's home right now ... interviewing her over claims that baby daddy Gabriel Aubry had put 3-year-old Nahla in harm's way.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... the visit to Halle is routine -- whenever there's a claim of abuse or neglect, DCFS will interview both parents. It underscores that DCFS is not blowing off the nanny's claim -- that Gabriel allegedly pushed her against a door with the kid in her arms.

The nanny also claims Gabriel has violently yanked Nahla out of her arms.

There is also a criminal investigation to determine if Gabriel committed the crimes of child endangerment or battery.


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Halle is the ultimate evil EX from hell.

941 days ago


I agree with you RCG: Gabriel is responsible for all of this. All he had to do was show a little common courtesy, by letting the nanny know he kept Nahla home. For all of you who keep try to knock Halle Berry; have you ever considered that maybe Gabriel Abury; just may have a Dr.Jackal, Mr.Hide personality. The COURT ORDERED NANNY is there for reason. I honestly believe that some you that are posting are young and naive, and very insecure, and will blame Halle Berry for any and everything that happen between Halle and Gabriel. Remember little Nahla Aubry. Please!!

941 days ago


Brigde, look at Halle's horrific domestic history, then come back with your foot in your mouth. This lady is OBVIOUSLY a nasty bitch.

941 days ago


It proves NOTHING except whose side TMZ is on. Child services can be, let say 'influenced'...if they didnt act on Charlie Sheen then I doubt you can trust this is not being 'handled'. Again, she has far greater power and influence behind her (Oprah, Obama etal) than Aubry. TMZ knows damn well she can use it to skew the facts to her favor. Remeber readers, TMZ is NOT a news outlet, they are a tabloid organization disguised as one using Harvey's "I'm a lawyer!" refrain to give him/ them credibility. She's probably also able to control the release of pics of Aubry and Nahla...especially since they all show a little girl who very much loves her daddy and vice versa. Shame on Halle.

940 days ago


What a nasty vindictive sack of crap! Dingle Berry is a low-blow low-life c.u.n.t !

940 days ago


I'm sure she put on an Oscar-worthy performance.
I hope she realizes that if she doesn't stop this, her daughter will hate her when she grows up.

940 days ago


The ghetto in halle always seems to come out!she just seems like an evil u know what,period!she cant hold a relationship,so she puts her best acting job for the police,to belive her b.s.ztory of baby abuse by her ex! Get a life girlfriend!

940 days ago


HALLE BERRY IS THE CRAZY ONE... she had DUI'S AND RAN AWSY FROM AT LEAST 2 ACCIDENTS AND I THINK A THIRD ONE ..but maybe it wasn't that but something else insane she did. Halle is simply a trouble makeer who does damage and hides and she doesn't wan the father in her life .. Well too bad, he loved his daughter and this nanny is simply a nanny. She could be making this up for Halle and herself financially to scroe and why not when she has Halle Berry on her side. But I like the way he is with is daughter and this nanny is not the police. If he was a child molester, that's entirely acceptable to keep him away all the time but so far he's only proven to be a nice normal man who loves his chidl and loved Halle. HALLE BERRY SHOULD BE LOCEKD UP FOF TRYING TO CAUSE THIS DEVOTED FATHER AND HE SHOULD HAVE CUSTODY FOR SHE IS A FREAK ... couse she is beautiful but not so much as she was, great figure, but a mental case... she had hit and run accidents and she was impared with either drugs or booze or both .. and she took a hike leaving the car and their passenger behind. She did drive back to one event where she hit someone probably cause it wasn't her first time and someeone talked her into it but she took off more than once when she hit and ran ..I don't think she's a good mother and all her relatiionships end with insantiy .. this one is good for the guy who was unknown once and is building his carer from hers. I AM A FEMALE WHO BELIEVES IN GOOD PARENTING BUT WAS SUBJECTED TO A CRAZY MOTHER IN MY YOUTH. GIVE THE BABY GIRL TO HER DAD TO RAISE FOR HE LOVES HER AND HALLE BERRY IS A REAL NUT CASE

940 days ago


Halle please sick help. I think that there may be a problem. If you didnt want your kids to have a relationship with their father, Why did you just have a testtube baby. Your stupid behind could have also went to a sperm bank. Literally, the problem is you. You have been in so many relationships, I now believe the problem is you. You have been in more relationsthan me and I am nine months older than you. Get it together. Many black women would love their babies father to be in their childs life. Halle I hope they give the baby to her father. Which will teach you a lesson.

938 days ago


You women are haters of Halle Berry. When the Gabriel hurts Nahla what will you say then? If Nahla's father was a black man you bitches wouldn't have an thing to say. Gabriel was using Halle that's why she left him.

936 days ago


@ uRs***- Halle Berry Can't Understand Normal Thinking? (my late father used to say that about mom for years before she caught on lmao) But as for Halle, I'm with you people. She seems unstable, she has always had turmoil in her personal life and has had a series of love interests, none lasting very long. It seems obvious that she is trying to eliminate her daughter's father any contact.

926 days ago
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