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Paula Deen

Screw Diabetes ...

I'm Eating a BURGER!!!

1/26/2012 6:05 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Paula Deen cruising through her hamburgerType 2 diabetic Paula Deen is unfazed by her life-threatening disease -- practically unhinging her jaw this week on a Caribbean cruise ... to take a heart-stopping bite out of a cheeseburger.

The picture was snapped Monday on board a Celebrity cruise ship -- where the 65-year-old is currently tempting fate, hosting her annual "Party-at-Sea" vacation for 400 devoted followers. It's hard to see, but there are also fries on her plate.

The cruise left Miami on Saturday -- and it's set to visit Puerto Rico, St. Thomas, and St. Maarten on the 7-day calorie-filled round trip.

So far, it's unclear if they serve salads.



No Avatar


how bout the DIET COKE (to balance things out) in the shot as well?!?

1008 days ago


U are total A-holes leave the freakin women alone would you want someone doing that to your Mom you idiots take things way to far leave her the hell alone!!!!

1008 days ago


So she is eating a burger so what, I'm diabetic and eat burgers and fries, nothing wrong with that, in moderation. She doesn't force people to eat the food she prepares it's call people choice. Everyone needs to stop blaming other people for their problems and start to taking responsiblity for themself. If you look at most chefs they all cook heart stopping meals, it doesn't mean you need to eat it for every meal, they'ld never make a living if they cook oatmeal for breakfast, salad for lunch and a nice healthy meal for dinner. Choices people!!! Live and let live

1008 days ago

Pissed Off Diabetic    

Hmmmm, perhaps you can change the headline to "Diabetic Paula Shows You Can Still Enjoy Food - In Moderation". Alittle positive reinforcement TMZ?
I've been diabetic for 20 years, type 1+2, I'm underweight, I eat pretty much anything in moderation but the obvious no-no's - I don't sit on the couch stuffing ho ho's down my throat washing it down with soda (you want a story, investigate the real killer...SODA) As for her show, never seen it. But if the people that watch it depend on it for their dietary education, why is she to blame? Is common sense as dead as compassion these days?

1008 days ago

Tim Gray    

I wish you people would get a life. I am also a diabetic and I still have a hambuger when I want one. As long as she checks her blood sugar and it is with the correct limits, then she can eat pretty much what she wants. If this is all you have to report on then I would suggest finding another job.

1008 days ago

Proud Veteran    

I have type II diabetes, have been a diabetic for 14 years. Yes, I have to be careful about things like candy and ice cream etc. but I pretty much eat what ever I want. I am tested every 90 days and my last A1C result was 5.2 thats considered remarkable by my doctor.
Before anyone begins to hand out eating advice for diabetics they need to learn a lot so they don't come off as idiots. A cheese burger has a lot less sugar than a pint of milk.

1008 days ago


If it was a hot fudge sundae I could see the issue. But it is a burger. As long as she is keeping everything else in check it is fine. She has had it for 3 years, I am sure she knows how to treat herself. Also with the food she makes, it is up to the person to decide if they want to make it. If you make something of hers once in a while it will be fine. Moderation is the important thing. Anyone with common sense knows that.

1008 days ago


To all the "celebrity chefs" critical of Paula: how many of you have high blood pressure, hyperlipedemia or an excessive BMI, drink excessively, smoke [anything] and have not informed the public?

1008 days ago


Who are you people? The f***ing food police?

1008 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

You'll be saying goodbye to those legs soon if you don't clean up your act.

1008 days ago


how do you know it's a beef burger, could be a turkey or veggie burger, get a life and leave Paula alone a*&holes

1008 days ago


She is a grown woman. Why is it anyone's business what she eats? If this is the most interesting thing TMZ has to report on, they need new reporters. And I have news for you, diabetics can have a cheeseburger and fries! Leave her alone. It is no one's business what Paula eats but Paula.

1008 days ago


I'm off to get my foot amputated, Y'all!!!

1008 days ago


Paula can eat as many cheeseburgers etc, as she wants as far as I'm concerned as long as she doesn't have the bottle of diabetes pills thats she is now making millions of dollars off of because people eat these types of foods that leads to obesity that leads to type 2 diabetes sitting next to her. It seems to me Paula is still pushing her unhealthy recipes and eating habits while pushing and making a money for the drug to control type 2 diabetes. According to Dr Manny Alvarez you don't need to take a pill for type 2 diabetes it can be controlled by your diet. That according to Dr Alvarez is hyprocrisy on the part of Paula. Oh, she did say she cut down on something she loves very much since having type 2 Sweet Tea. Guess cutting down on sweet tea won't hurt her in the cook books and recipe part she still makes millions pushing.

1008 days ago


It is spelled GREED, no matter who it hurts. I've lost all respect for a woman who
seemed real and well intended. I guess even her millions are not enough.

1008 days ago
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