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Paula Deen

Screw Diabetes ...

I'm Eating a BURGER!!!

1/26/2012 6:05 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Paula Deen cruising through her hamburgerType 2 diabetic Paula Deen is unfazed by her life-threatening disease -- practically unhinging her jaw this week on a Caribbean cruise ... to take a heart-stopping bite out of a cheeseburger.

The picture was snapped Monday on board a Celebrity cruise ship -- where the 65-year-old is currently tempting fate, hosting her annual "Party-at-Sea" vacation for 400 devoted followers. It's hard to see, but there are also fries on her plate.

The cruise left Miami on Saturday -- and it's set to visit Puerto Rico, St. Thomas, and St. Maarten on the 7-day calorie-filled round trip.

So far, it's unclear if they serve salads.



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My husband (a former player with the Buffalo Bills and Detroit Lions) and I just returned from our 5th Paula Deen cruise to some very disturbing pictures and videos that were taken on the ship. The infamous "burger" picture was taken in a common area of the ship but the video seen on TMZ was taken a private function of our group. To attend you had to have the proper ID. My point is that an individual booked the cruise (probably late )with the intention of setting her up with negative press. What sickens me is that the very person walked among us pretending to be a fan!! We all had cameras and take loads of videos and pictures so that person just fit in like the rest of the group. It would be my please to share some positive aspects of this cruise as well as the results of a fundraiser that raised over $12,000.00 for one of Paula'a charities. Feel free to contact me via e-mail ( Looking forward to sharing at least one great story with ya'll. As an RN I was always taught not to treat hypertension on the basis of one blood pressure reading. In the same respect iut is MY opinion that Paula should not be persecuted on the basis of one hamburger. Thanks Aurelia Bunnie Tatarek

893 days ago

Debbie parton    

Paula, we love you come on people get a life if you don't like what she does on her show turn the channel that's what the remote is for you know i watch the cooking channels 24/7 by my choice that's where i learned how to cook but for everyone to judge Paula it's just wrong people you have no idea what is in your food every time you eat out 90% is not good for you i have watched a lot of chefs using a lot of bad things including butter but no one is screaming at them a little one sided don't you think at least now she know's and is trying to help others but you people just can't give it a rest just like the hambuger did you check her sugar before you ran your mouth and took your pictures and did you also know that if it was low or in range that it would be perfectly fine for her to have that burger everyone out there who likes to talk let's see how well you do if the dr told you today that you had diabetes test yourself how long you can go without eating something you shouldn't take a look at the things in your kitchen read labels i bet you would really be schocked at what you can't have i speak from my own diabetes but over all if you live in a glass house you should not throw stones you never know what's in your future and for the comment about the deep fryer in her home 80% of home cooks also have one also so give Paula a break and get your own live I would bet that if you looked into there background I'm sure you would find things not so good there either. Paula we love you and support you hope you'll be around for us for many years to come.

878 days ago


Wait, wait, wait, wait... Who cares if she's eating a burger! It's her life? If she's not supposed to eat it, and she wants to, ****ing let her. honestly.

815 days ago


Come on now. A burger and fries will not "kill" her. The media can be so harsh and critical. I am sure people with lung cancer grab a cigarette every now and then if not everyday. As long as she takes her meds, and watches her portions, and keeps her blood suger under 180, she would do okay to "splurge" or treat herself every now and then, especially on a cruise. Shame on the person who made a few bucks on this picture. No rest for the weary.

708 days ago

yum yum gimme some.

684 days ago
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