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Lindsay Lohan

I Don't Owe That

Betty Ford Worker a Dime!

1/29/2012 3:05 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan and Dawn Holland
It took her six months, but Lindsay Lohan has finally fired back a response to the Betty Ford worker who claims LiLo assaulted her -- and to no one's surprise ... Lindsay is pinning all the blame on her. 

Lindsay allegedly got into it with Dawn Holland (now going by Dawn Bradley) back in December 2010, while Lindsay was in rehab. Bradley filed a lawsuit last July against Lohan for the alleged incident, claiming assault and battery.

Attorneys for Lindsay filed their response in Riverside County Superior Court on January 10, claiming the entire incident was provoked by Bradley ... so Lindsay shouldn't have to pay her a cent. Lohan claims anything she may have done was done in self-defense.

Lohan also wants the court to force Bradley to pay for her court costs, plus any other relief the court sees fit.



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The 922 tape speaks for itself. Lindsay was abusive and Dawn was trying to do her job. Dawn won't lose this one.

1005 days ago


Wonder what a jury would think? Lindsay may be working off her Dawn Debt for a long time!

1005 days ago



Yeah there was a police report but the cops didn't prosecute due to insufficient evidence. Listen to the tape, it was Lindsay who called 911, this Holland bich took the phone outta Lindsays hand during the call, hahahaha she even said to Lindsay I'll sue you and Lindsay said "so its money you want" cut and dried case, Lindsay wins.

1005 days ago

big bamboo    

the pap lawsuit is BS..the women in the carriage was wrong but is BS..
But the three kids in the SUV...and dawn are legit...and should be awarded the max...because it was violent...
when lielo sues people it is all verbal..E Trade,Pitbull..and the other bogus ones

1005 days ago


"Lawyer's Heaven"

1005 days ago


She hopped the fence and came back in and got caught, period. Don't think she said sorry and went right to bed. No she called her mommie and fought the woman. Kim calls her mommie too. Birds of a feather..

1005 days ago


Another rehash story. It was the beginning of 3 bad moves by Lindsay. She got into this mess with Dawn Holland, then she moved next to her ex, then didn't return a piece of jewelry that didn't belong to her to it's rightful owner. 2011-2012 was a lot better for Lindsay than 2010-2011, so can we get back to 2011-2012. I think the lack of Lindsay doing anything now, including being visible, is bringing up this old crud.

1005 days ago


Sue sue sue!!!!! One million!!! One million!!!


1005 days ago


WHOA! Is that Michael Clark Duncan in drag?! That's one big nìgga'! Little Lindsay tuned that bitch up? Too funny...

1005 days ago


@loin Queen

The only money Lindsay owes is to the IRS. Dawn Holland will get what she deserves, Zilch. Holland brought this lawsuit thinking Lindsay would settle, she's in for a big surprise.

1005 days ago


Ketjo, you asked is Encino a good neighborhood. It certainly is. Its not Bevery Hills or Bel Air, but for the Valley, yes it is. Million dollar homes south of Ventura Blvd. up on the hill.

1005 days ago

It's Nikki Bitches     

I take it Ms.Lohan didnt listen to the Audio of the 911 call. Lohan was 100% in the wrong. The whole night of it. Her whereabouts, coming back late. Having alcohol on her breath, jumping over the fence. Last but not least, The fight SHE had with Dawn. Dawn was just doing her job!

1005 days ago


Here is the link to the 911 call. I think it speaks for itself...

1005 days ago


LMAO.....Staight out of that Lindsay Lohan story file sitting on Harvey's desk.......
Having a real slow day so they released it early FU.
Gotta get thos hits a coming and her name out there....\
If this was filed on the 10 it means Harveys been sitting on this story more then 2 weeks...LOL..
and pulling it out when he needed it...
"Hey Harvey ! can I get a look inside that file folder and see what other interesting stuff your settin on.?"
Well have at it folks the
the trolls are all lined up and ready to define and egg on hits so lets get the show on the road.......
Lets she
Jill is here ......check
the regular ...wait a minute whos missing ?
Rouge is Missing...the slug hasn't been on since saterday..has he same day Milo goes into the hospital again...HMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmm. ...Nay..don't believe it ...LOL

1005 days ago


Rouge Wearer Rouge Wearer
You absence annoys me
I've come to expect more from you

So when you get done crying
And your pants still are drying
Rant on, but please try something new


Hi, Gloaway.

1005 days ago
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