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Lindsay Lohan

I Don't Owe That

Betty Ford Worker a Dime!

1/29/2012 3:05 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan and Dawn Holland
It took her six months, but Lindsay Lohan has finally fired back a response to the Betty Ford worker who claims LiLo assaulted her -- and to no one's surprise ... Lindsay is pinning all the blame on her. 

Lindsay allegedly got into it with Dawn Holland (now going by Dawn Bradley) back in December 2010, while Lindsay was in rehab. Bradley filed a lawsuit last July against Lohan for the alleged incident, claiming assault and battery.

Attorneys for Lindsay filed their response in Riverside County Superior Court on January 10, claiming the entire incident was provoked by Bradley ... so Lindsay shouldn't have to pay her a cent. Lohan claims anything she may have done was done in self-defense.

Lohan also wants the court to force Bradley to pay for her court costs, plus any other relief the court sees fit.



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big bamboo    

anybody that wants to call dawn a druggie..better look again..
she is in her mid 40s..her teeth didnt rot out of her head at 25..
look at her neck, not all jacked up with wrinkles and a pigs in the blanket chin hanging down.
I am sure her breast are not dangleing and can be tied into a bow...
dawn deserves every penny and more
give that women credit for coming back from addiction and trying to help piss poor celebs like lindsay.
lindsay is so ungreatful. she couldnt even work around women from the DWC because they are beneath her.
I bet in dawns worst days she didnt act like a spoiled druged up twit (with an A)

1000 days ago


How wasn't a default judgment entered against Lohan? If plaintiff filed her complaint/petition in July, defendant Lohan should have filed her response within a certain period of time (not sure what Cali rule is, but there's no way it's 6 months) or risk having a default judgment entered against her. I must have missed something here.

1000 days ago


I'm with Lindsay in this.

1000 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

Harvey had to get a story, any story, out before the welfare checks are deposited and the food stamps arrive. He needed the hits before you all left for a few days to spend your fortunes!

Now you all are really farting into your fans, this story has been beat to death, kind of like you.

1000 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

What does this Betty Ford tool and our Nanny have in common?

CASE CLOSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1000 days ago


First, they need to give Linds a chance (20 chances) to blow off the deposition. THEN she can get that default judgment. The million can wait a little while longer.

1000 days ago

big bamboo    

hey the SAG awards are coming on...think lindsay will show up to recieve her award for best realistic surrvelance movie of a jewel Hiest?
it is in LA at the Shrine exposition center

1000 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

And Andy (my love) Holland is not working in chemical dependency anymore. Some sap hired her to do home health care for someone. Dawn will never work in chemical dependency again. I do not know any licensing she may or may not have had as I do not live in Cali, but I know the state of Cali requires minimal education levels for entry positions in chemical dependency. I do not know for sure, but I suspect that she may have been a CNA rather than a CDP.

1000 days ago

big bamboo    

If dawn wins..she can put liens on lindsay future earnings..Dawn is screwed..she was better off letting Screech (dustin diamond) pumble her

1000 days ago

Ghost Rider    

I just want to live in a world or an island full of older mature souls, because the young baby souls love sitting on there throne, telling people what to do, on a regular daily basis. If only they knew how annoying they really are.

1000 days ago

AGENT smith    

SAG AWARDS starting soon....lot's of parties tonight.........Look for Li LO on the red carpet somewhere!!!!!

1000 days ago


Just a silly question, but what does the HIPAA violations have to do with Holland being assaulted? Nothing, when it comes to a court of law...

1000 days ago


FU, YOUR girl is here, Nicole on page 8.

1000 days ago

big bamboo    

lets all bow for a moment of AAAWWWW poor lindsay.
she even had the nerve to break free of the group the first week there and sneak out for a Dr. Pepper

1000 days ago


oh please, nothing this old looking woman does is her fauly..i would like to know when is this chick ever going to jail> if it was a black woman and the other woman wasa white you and i both know the blk woman would be in jail, then all the other people would be talking about how many blacks are in jail as oppose to whites.. you know the reason..????????????

1000 days ago
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