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Soap Actor's Suicide

Condo Board Member

Accepts NO Responsibility

1/29/2012 6:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A member of the condo board that Nick Santino said pressured him to euthanize his pit-bull -- a decision that drove him to suicide -- says the condo board is NOT responsible for his death.

Board member Marilyn Fireman says she is sorry that Santino is dead, but says it has nothing to do with the building's no-pet policy. She tells the NY Post, "You just assumed that [his suicide] was a result of a board’s decision."

Fireman did concede Santino routinely complained about the building’s anti-dog policies.

Santino's sister tells the paper the family is holding off on funeral arrangements until the dead dog's ashes are brought home ... saying, "They'll be buried together."

Santino had his beloved and healthy pit-bull Rocco put to sleep on Tuesday, Santino's 47th birthday. A few hours later, he overdosed on pills.


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this is one of the sadest stories i've heard in a long time,rocco was his best friend and was living there legally but people given the right to complain will do so with no mercy simply because they can, may nick rest in peace god won't if you have rocco upthere!

961 days ago


It's very hard to rehome a dog, and even more so for a bully breed. Sure you can find a home, but what kind of home? Will the dog stay there for a week, a month, a yr.? Will it be treated right? Sadly in most cases it wont. I'd rather my dogs be put down then risk the not knowing of what most likely would happen to them. I don't see people lined around the block at animal shelters to adopt all the animals in those places.

961 days ago


A true lover of dogs would clearly see that this man was desperately mentally ill. His love of his dog was obvious. He once commented on his facebook page that he didn't rescue Rocco, but rather, Rocco rescued him. That's love.
That being said, he would never have destroyed Rocco if he had been in his right mind.
To those of you that have commented that he could have moved, given the dog to a friend, etc... Yes, but that would have been the thought process of someone in their right mind. He couldn't have been - otherwise he would never have had the dog put down. He would have done whatever was necessary to protect his best friend.
This story breaks my heart because I know what I would do to protect my beloved dog, and had he been thinking clearly, he would never had made that trip to the vet. Never.
I just wish he had someone close that could have helped him.
RIP and God Bless Rocco and Nick

961 days ago

debra m.    

Marilyn Fireman has to live with herself. Karma is a bitch.

961 days ago


He was obviously disturbed if he thought this was a solution. For heaven's sake, just move to a building that allows dogs!

961 days ago

Tia C    

Moving would've been easier and a whole lot less dramatic.

961 days ago


Marilyn Fireman is the wife of Sheldon Fireman, who owns the Fireman Hospitality Group. The Fireman Hospitality Group owns BROOKLYN DINER, BOND 45, FIORELLA, TRATTORIA DELL'ARTE, and CAFE FIORELLO. If you live in NYC or know someone who does, pass the word to boycott these restaurants. If you're angry, show them where it really hurts - their bottom line.

961 days ago


Seems like there must be more to this story. Why didn't he move? Find a family member or someone else who would care for the dog, even temporarily? There are people who will take a pit bull. The original story said they'd grandfathered the dog in, even though they didn't like him being there. There was no indication the dog had caused problems or bitten someone. The story doesn't make sense. I can understand the grief he felt over the dog, but there are too many choices he could have made. And what vet would euthanize a healthy young dog?? There has to be more to the story.

961 days ago


WOW that's Horrible why would anyone In their right mind *well obviously he wasn't in his right mind* would Euthanize a Healthy Animal and then Kill themselves there's more to this story then what's being mentioned, obviously the do wasn't Sick or had any Health Issue's that Required euthanizing the dog? I think there's a much Deeper Problem that he was dealing with then dealing with the Condo Board he was Probably already Depressed and this just Sent him over the Edge... RIP I Hope he's at Peace now

961 days ago


i'm sorry but did this guy forget the whole dog shelter thing or giving the dog TO SOMEONE ELSE!!!!!!!!! idiots.

961 days ago

Michelle Pinto    

I knew Nick personally – eventho, we haven’t been in touch in past couple of years – I know that he loved his dog more than himself ( that is obviously more apparent to be now than ever before) but there has to be more to this story – he would have lived on the streets before putting his dog down – he had to be forced to do it by his vet and he was not a “struggling” actor like they state – he ran a very successful business – If anybody knows, people able to live at One Lincoln Plaza are not struggling.

961 days ago


First, the policies for no pets, etc. should be stated in the lease before you sign it.
Second: Couldn't he place this dog with a family member, relative, a friend? It seems to me that this guy was a very lonely person who felt had no one to turn to. And now his sister wants to sue. Where was she when he needed to place his dog?

960 days ago


We all know that moving can be a pain in the ass but, I would think, a better alternative to KILLING YOUR PET!

960 days ago


How can anyone get angry at Fireman about this?! Read the original article (the link is right under this story). The dog was loud and aggressive and other tenants were complaining. No Pet policies don't exist without reasons; dogs can intimidate tenants, scratch and destroy floors, walls, or fixtures, bark incessantly, and cause other disturbances. Not to mention tenants that would be angry that Santino was "grandfathered in" while everyone else was forbidden from having pets of their own.

Yes, it's sad that this guy was a delusional nut case. But Fireman is NOT to blame. She's a businesswoman that had to keep a building full of paying tenants happy and safe. Stop pointing fingers and trying to place the blame on her. The only crazy idiot to blame here is Nick Santino, for ending two lives.

960 days ago


Darwin award?

Why didn't he just move?

960 days ago
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