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Soap Actor's Suicide

Condo Board Member

Accepts NO Responsibility

1/29/2012 6:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A member of the condo board that Nick Santino said pressured him to euthanize his pit-bull -- a decision that drove him to suicide -- says the condo board is NOT responsible for his death.

Board member Marilyn Fireman says she is sorry that Santino is dead, but says it has nothing to do with the building's no-pet policy. She tells the NY Post, "You just assumed that [his suicide] was a result of a board’s decision."

Fireman did concede Santino routinely complained about the building’s anti-dog policies.

Santino's sister tells the paper the family is holding off on funeral arrangements until the dead dog's ashes are brought home ... saying, "They'll be buried together."

Santino had his beloved and healthy pit-bull Rocco put to sleep on Tuesday, Santino's 47th birthday. A few hours later, he overdosed on pills.


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The previous story said since Santino was living in the building prior to the ruling, his dog was grandfathered in, meaning the rules did not apply to him. Whatever harassment he may have suffered by board members and/or other occupants should have been handled by calling the police, not by killing his dog and then himself. He was obviously mentally ill and his family should have been aware of that fact.

965 days ago

Kimberly Mathias    

I have one question...since when does a landlord rent/lease or sell to someone with a big dog like that if they have a "no pet" policy, and do they have the right to euthanize an animal because of a policy? I thought that killing was a last resort for animals that were considered vicious, attacked another animal, person or population control (URGHHH) IF YOU LOVE SOMEONE SO MUCH YOU WOULDN'T KILL THEM AND THEN KILL YOURSELF....HE HAD OBVIOUS MENTAL PROBLEMS...MOST PEOPLE WOULD JUST MOVE OR FIND A HOME FOR HIS BEST FRIEND...There is NOT ENOUGH PRESSURE to make someone do that...

965 days ago


something is very wrong here. The dog was permitted to stay as he was "grandfathered" in because he had lived in the building at a time dogs were allowed. So what on earth was this man thinking. First the dog had every right to stay there, second and regardless of the rules you just kill your dog rather than looking into any alternative for it and then kill yourself. What in the f*&K is wrong with this world.

965 days ago


He could have moved to a different place... no need no one dies

964 days ago

susan harris    

All tenants vacate one lincoln plaza, then burn the place down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

963 days ago


Legally, the board is not responsible for the death of Rocco or Santino. But morally? I wonder...

959 days ago

Mikey M    

The HOA board IS responsible.

894 days ago


he asked a friend to take care of the dog but she didn't want, even though she knew how much he was harassed. He called his ex-girlfriend and told her he wanted to kill himself and she didn't help him either, didn't call 911, did nothing. This guy was lonely and constantly bullied at his own home, god knows what kind of threats he received from his neighbours that lead to this tragedy. He had all the legal rights of living there with his dog, but in despite of that he was treated like garbage by some neighbours, those people can be nasty, trust me! He probably wanted to move but couldn't in a short notice,it demands money, it is difficult to find a place who accepts pitbulls, also even harder it is to find someone who want to adopt these dogs. When someone is depressed or bullied, things look uncredible difficult to solve and deal with, especially when you are alone and see no hope for the future. Yes you probably would find other ways to deal with his situation, but every person has their limitations and if Nick suffered from depression (he said the dog saved his life) you see no way out when you hit the bottom, I think the neighbour harassment was the final straw for him

800 days ago
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