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Lindsay Lohan

Goes Into Storage

1/31/2012 3:21 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Moving truck in front of Lindsay Lohans Venice homeLindsay Lohan was so spooked by her recent run-in with a trespasser at her home ... she has decided to move out of her Venice Beach pad for good, TMZ has learned.

A moving van showed up at Lindsay's house today -- and we're told all her stuff is being taken to a storage facility, until she figures out her next move.

And get this ... we're told by sources directly connected with LiLo ... the move could be cross-country -- she's seriously thinking of living in New York City when her probation is terminated at the end of March.

In the meantime, Lindsay is living at the swanky Chateau Marmont -- made famous by John Belushi who OD'd there in 1982.

It's pretty pricey ... but Lindsay's got Playboy money.


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She's staying in her artist friend's room, who purchased the room for a year but isn't using it. That sounds accurate. That is supported by all of the tweet pics from Courtenay Semel and Jessica Schul.

995 days ago

Blood Red Witch    

Are Smith and Mad going to cream corn wrestle?

995 days ago


Yea right Smitty, you're a fvckin VIP! Get the FVCK OUTTA HERE!

995 days ago


Lohan has burned herself and reputation so badly she's considered 'libel proof' which she still continues to proove why that is. All her self hype, speed dials to tmz for attention, choking on her own bull crap, still backfireing on her.

995 days ago

AGENT smith    

Mad, I'm not a VIP, someone put me on the list, If Lindsay puts you on the list tonight you're in, btw wasn't Lindsay, and I can't get in either, the place isn't for little people and it is in a separate building from the hotel.

995 days ago

It's Nikki Bitches     

Delmar post links to all these pictures you say you saw

995 days ago


"Sources close to the Chateau" have leaked that while the room is paid for, Linds has to pony up more cash to get their spokesteam to say that she's staying in the Celebrity Penthouse. The fact is - her room is behind the laundry facilities in what used to be the wine cellar for the suite above it. AA Aliana's 6-bedroom cottage is on the other end of the complex for her security. And sanity.

Lnor v2.0 sleeps in the car.

995 days ago


This is NOT Lindsay's moving truck! You are a bunch of morons!

995 days ago

Seacrest is a Shorty    

jeez....and I was SO enjoying a break from this woman. Thought you were getting the message TMZ .
Nobody cares.

995 days ago


This news is a game changer. The why of her living at the Chateau has changed from her wanting to be there to do certain unsavory things to an opportunity for her to be there for free. There's also no longer a reason to link Vikram to anything.

995 days ago


All three are running wild this after noon....As long as you have a reservation you can get into that dam hotel and use their facitlites...Only the courtresterant if open to the general public....they have no public bar.....

As for who's paying what whether a artist frients(yea I beleive that )is paying or the Indain Sugar daddy is paying or she screwing the owner for free rent (which is a hell more then likely then the artist friend crap)she has planted her butt their and its not going to be easy to get her out cause she has everything she wants at her fingertips, drinks, drugs, and a way to make money....

And starting a fight within the board will garentee a least 50 good hits for TMZ and is worked into every story here standard prosedure for Lohan Inc.....

And in 300 more hits Harvey will have another bone to chomp on....he has a stack of them just setting there waiting to be used......
So lets get to rollings folks and pore on the hits the faster you reaxh the goal the sooner we get another installment in the "Adventure of Lindsay Lohan In La La land or Lindsay Does the Chateau Marmont "

995 days ago


Is it me or does lindsays hair look longer??

995 days ago


Sweetie you kind of remind me of that Time/Warner Cable commercial on TV about the hung Jury....the guy who is is spinning ever piece of evidence that is presentive. till in the end on person say "but he confused to doing it !" and he raises a objection of "We all what a liar he is. you believe him !!! " ...........LOL

995 days ago

It's Nikki Bitches     

Lohans twitter following is going down, the numbers are not the same as they were two days ago. Shes losing her fans

995 days ago


Still doesn't explain why she's living there. What happened to her place in Venice? How does anyone know he has it for a year, and when is his year up? We still know Vikram was there, so that doesn't take away the Vikram connection. He could have been staying with her there. Nobody knows. But we have picture proof that he was there, and there with her.

No matter what her reasoning for her being there, it's still not a good place for her to be. Too much temptation.

995 days ago
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