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Lindsay Lohan

Goes Into Storage

1/31/2012 3:21 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Moving truck in front of Lindsay Lohans Venice homeLindsay Lohan was so spooked by her recent run-in with a trespasser at her home ... she has decided to move out of her Venice Beach pad for good, TMZ has learned.

A moving van showed up at Lindsay's house today -- and we're told all her stuff is being taken to a storage facility, until she figures out her next move.

And get this ... we're told by sources directly connected with LiLo ... the move could be cross-country -- she's seriously thinking of living in New York City when her probation is terminated at the end of March.

In the meantime, Lindsay is living at the swanky Chateau Marmont -- made famous by John Belushi who OD'd there in 1982.

It's pretty pricey ... but Lindsay's got Playboy money.


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jwoolman, your post is noted and appreciated.

993 days ago


It looks like Ali is in the artist room at the Chateau. Can't say for sure, but it sure looks like it.
See Ali's picture at and click on it to make it bigger.

993 days ago

Blood Red Witch    

Ok, here is my 2 cents for what it's worth. My opinion is that Delmar bends over so far backwards to be fair that to others it comes off as wishy washy. I see no reason for the attacks. Delmar never is mean to anyone. That doesnt mean I dont like the posters that disagree with Delmar. Anyway, I like delmar's input.
Now, off to the Dr. after having to wait for 3 weeks for a freaking appt.

993 days ago

big bamboo    

DID any of you mention that she was in "meangirls" or start your post off with "troubled mean girls star"...if not you better read the last 5 years of media about her

993 days ago


Personally, I'm not buying that she's staying at the hotel for free in someone who's paid for a room for a year. That just doesn't make sense. Either from the perspective of the artist, or from Lindsay and Ali. It's a story from Radar. Why is everyone believing that all of a sudden, but then found the story of her drunk on Sunday so hard to believe, when it was also from Radar, and from the VERY SAME AUTHOR!

993 days ago

big bamboo    

Delmar stop instigating fights with Nicki..and the whole mess would be over..
that and maddy walking around wanting to cream corn wrestle evey one.
smitty go think of some lies that we can rebute..
and things will be back to disfunctional

993 days ago


Look I tease Delmar all the time. but she knows I will listen and read her comments with a open mind...and sometime s we agree and sometimes we don't but I don't get bent out of shape if she doesn't agree with me...and I hope she feels the same...but this is a about giving our opinion on the subject of the day...we agree to disagree.....

I quess most of you guys never seen that Time Warner Commerical ...on the jury I think it is halarious and was just teasing Delmar with it cause she might have seen it as its a east coast thing...
Now back to the mud slinging and name calling and I havn't got my usuall number of red checks today so somebodys falling down on the job....I expect that after this one you will fill it up again....LOL

993 days ago


The artist room is just spin...Vikies daddy must have pulled in his leash again about the tweeted pictures and the pictures of them together and asked for answers ..thats a quess but as good and the artist story ain't it...after all daddy pushed him into getting her out of NYC when the papz got to hot on there affair didn't he....The Gay German not around to pull the hounds off the scent so we have the Artist Room story....TAA DAA ..!
and This story did take the heat of her from the Dawn Holland Lawsuit didn't it..... !!! TAA DAA

993 days ago

big bamboo    

for crazy sakes, lets say the rum has been paid for.(possible) there is a sucker born every minute..
are the drinks and food free aswell?
since she is not working and still has to support Dina,Ali,her drug habbit,Pay LNOR#2,the courts and Holley,her therapist,the IRS..
she would still be living off credit cards...
Vikram ditches her now...she would have to do "hustler in a month.

993 days ago


Rouge Wearer Rouge Wearer
You absence annoys me
I've come to expect more from you

So when you get done crying
And you pants are drying
Rant on, but please try something new

993 days ago


this site needs GIFs! com/tumblr_lyj1l2QJqQ1r5ein1o1_500.gif

993 days ago

Red Cloud    

Nikki: 3 hours ago

Lohans twitter following is going down, the numbers are not the same as they were two days ago. Shes losing her fans
Like Like 8 Dislike Like 0 Clear Vote

MAXIMIM LOL!!!!! AHAA!!! So you admit they're fans!!!!!
Yeah, Nikki, the numbers are not the same as they were two(2) days ago because the numbers are NEVER the same BECAUSE the number always gets bigger. It's so much fun popping in here and reading silly comments, especially from delusional pieces of work like Nikki and some others. It amazes me that some people here can say things that have very little or absolutely no basis in reality and the comments get green-thumbed because the comments make haters feel good. LOL!!!!!!!!!!! Will you people get a fkng grip on REALITY!!!!!!!!!!

993 days ago


I just reread that story on ROL and I got to say this ....
how dam high were they when they thought up this is lamer

"Sorry Mrs Jones, but my mom used my report paper to clean up were the dog pooed on the dining room floor....."

Or "Mrs Jones you will never belief what happened to me on the way to class , I was stopped on the quad by some duds dresses in black and they took my whole bookbag and computer for evidence that aliens have been using it at night to sent top secret info.....but they said they will give it back next week if you will give me a brake ?".........

993 days ago


Lohan still continues to make a fool of herself.

993 days ago


New thread, the real truck shows up.

993 days ago
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