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Nicki Minaj's New Music Video


2/1/2012 4:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Don't expect to catch Nicki Minaj's latest music video "Stupid H*e" on BET -- because TMZ has learned the network is REFUSING to air it.

We spoke with a rep for BET who wouldn't specify exactly why the network has banned the video -- simply saying BET will not be broadcasting it.

But sources at the company tell us, the ban was put in place because the video's just too explicit for TV.

The song lyrics alone are bad enough -- repeating the phrase "stupid h*e" dozens of times -- but the video itself is damn raunchy too, showing several nearly naked female figures. Normally this is where we'd post the video ... but in this case, just Google it.

It's pretty great -- especially if you like Nicki's butt in a thong.


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King of TMZ    

Studpid How Stupistupestupeee How!!! lol
I see Shakira, Lady Gaga, & Rihanna being making fun of
in what is an Eminem mixed with Lady Gaga & lil Kim wannabe copycat

993 days ago

Michael Jackson Was A Pedo    

Never heard of her. Doubt I'm missing much.

993 days ago

Hello is anybody in there?    

It is the stupidest song and music video I have ever seen, it should be banned from the planet Earth. God how the music has fallen into such a low standard in this country.

993 days ago


This has to the dumbest song I have ever heard. It's good she got it banned. Now maybe she can go back to the drawing board and create some real music!

993 days ago


This song is imbalanced, it's so bad.

993 days ago


im always down for some naked chicks but she really has no music related talent, she should just switch to pr0n

993 days ago


It's obvious you have no musical talent when you are more known for your crazy outfits than your music. If I see pink hair, yellow lipstick and a stupid outfit, can we just assume it's Nicki Minaj or Lady Gaga?? Any song called Stupid H#e, has to be saying something about the singer no? It's sad how music has changed into a cacophony of noise and gawdiness. Where are the old days when singers and groups, dressed nicely and clean and wrote good songs? Now it's like "Oh man people might not by my album....... Wear silly costumes!!!! That will sell my record!! Hmmm meat dress or egg costume??" Hell if that's music, I got a couple tunes and an old halloween costume we could make me a star!!!!

993 days ago

Maribeth Jalepes    

So BET won't play her campy song but will give Mike Vick the BET Sportsman of the Year Award?! Go Nicki and eff of BET!

993 days ago


Its the dumbest song, she's only famous cause she has a big fake butt, and wears crazy hair and crazy clothes, because she sucks at rapping.

993 days ago

The Real JJ    

Its about time they stand up and stop playing stupid videos that just make black people look bad. I listen to rap and this video is trash. Just another chick wearing pounds of make-up trying to sing. Mary J. Blige, Queen Latifah, MC Lyte are real artists. Nicki is just a lil kim wannabe who is only in the game because shes under lil wayne's record label. I'm glad Black Evil Television stood up for once. For those that don't know Black Evil Television, GOOGLE IT.

993 days ago


OMG HER EYES 0.0!!!!!!!!!!!

993 days ago


Her in a thong....gag...don't make me sick.

Nobody wants to hear a bitch singing about herself.

993 days ago


I refuse to watch it. She can't even spell the word HO. H0e is a garden tool, people. smh

993 days ago


a few minutes later. a tupac vid was played where he called a girl a bitch 15 times.double standards.

993 days ago


Sometimes I wonder if the black community is desperate for some black artists. I boggles my mind how this so called artists ever became so popular, maybe because that other rapper is backing her up, but still she has been lasting for way too long. She is on every other rapper's video.

993 days ago
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