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'My Husband Cannot F*cking

Throw the Ball AND Catch'

2/6/2012 9:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Gisele Bundchen comforts Tom Brady at the Super BowlGisele is saying what EVERY Patriots fan was thinking last night ... Tom Brady needed some "f*cking" help from his teammates during the Super Bowl.

On her way out of the stadium last night, the supermodel was heckled by New York Giants fans ... one who screamed, "Eli owns your husband."

Gisele didn't shout back ... but turned to a friend and said, "My husband can not f****ing throw the ball and catch the ball at the same time. I can't believe they dropped the ball so many times."

Clearly, G was taking a shot at Wes Welker, Aaron Hernandez ... and every other Pats player who CHOKED during the big game.

The comment was captured on tape and has already hit the Internet.

A short time later, Gisele could be seen comforting her hubby in the bowels of the stadium.

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Tom Brady is a class act and she not she should of stayed home looking in the mirror. If u can't take the heat stay out of the kitchen, it should of never been said she has no class no class at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

953 days ago


I wouldn't be surprised that they have problems in their relationship soon... Sometimes you just have to keep your mouth shut no matter how much it hurts...

953 days ago


I know she is sticking up for her husband and all, but there is no reason to attack his teamates, especially when the Patriots lost the game because Eli simply outplayed Tom.
I never thought I would ever utter these words (or type), but yes, Eli Manning outplayed Tom Brady yesterday and that is the biggest difference and why the Giants won. I don't know why so many people are afraid to say Brady played poorly, but the excuses and the blame going on his WR's after the game are ridiculous.
Brady's safety was absolutely a horrendous play on his part. There is simply no excuse for that throw.
The int was also completely on him. He hung that ball up and allowed the defender to make the play.
The throw to Welker was also horrible. He not only was inaccurate and forced a receiver running at full speed to try and make a back shoulder catch, but he had ample time to make it a much safer/higher precentage throw and that what was so surprising. It was so unlike Brady to seem rushed when he didn't have to be and that mistake was a killer. BTW, I'm not saying Welker couldn't have caught the ball, he could have and as good as he has been in his career you actually expect him to make that difficult catch. But the fact is it was a very difficult catch to come down with and I would bet a lot of money that if Brady had put the ball in a better spot (and the number of better spots are numerous) Welker makes the catch.
Brady is one of the best ever in my opinion, but he is far from perfect and makes mistakes in every game he plays as all QB's do. I just hate the fact that no in the national media seems to have the stones to come out and say "Brady played poorly and that is why the Patriots lost".

953 days ago


I don't know a single Patriots fan who said anything even remotely similar to this. I hate to say anything about the man's wife,but Gisele needs to take a lesson from the PROUD members of the Patriots Nation and learn to support her team! AND her man!

952 days ago


I think she was the only one who has balls. Everyone in the locker room was thinking what she was speaking. Brady played a good game yesterday, but the Patriots did not come like they wanted it as bad as NY. Those two drops F*'d it up, and the game would have ended different if one of those catches were made.

952 days ago


Although I am a Brady fan and believe that Gisele said that comment only to try and defend Tom....she was absolutely not thinking about the fact that it takes a team to win a game. Also, although Tom is usually flawless, he did have his share of errors throughout the game himself.

952 days ago


Why is Gisele blaming the team when "her man" has made some bad passes during the game

952 days ago

The Truth Hurts    

Why is everyone surprised this came out of her mouth?

She only became famous because Victoria Secret decided to spend millions in advertising on an ugly, horse-faced, overgrown man/woman from Brazil so they can sell panties to Americans under the fake impression it's some sort of high-end European brand. Get. A. Clue.

952 days ago


No one seems to mind the Giants fan who was heckling Giselle as she walked by! He should shut up, they won, wasn't that good enough. Plus at the parade a Giants player made a crass remark about her. LEAVE HER ALONE, GO ENJOY YOUR WIN ALREADY.

950 days ago

larry james    

G. think about other people who your husband has a business relationship with. In the last game w/ Giants do you remember the last field goal attempt? That's what put the Pats in the Super Bowl !! get my point?

950 days ago


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933 days ago

Tayna Carvalho    

Folks, it was just defending her husband, any woman does this out of love and respect that I think the press should not interfere in the relationship of the two and nobody!

855 days ago


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666 days ago
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