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'My Husband Cannot F*cking

Throw the Ball AND Catch'

2/6/2012 9:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Gisele Bundchen comforts Tom Brady at the Super BowlGisele is saying what EVERY Patriots fan was thinking last night ... Tom Brady needed some "f*cking" help from his teammates during the Super Bowl.

On her way out of the stadium last night, the supermodel was heckled by New York Giants fans ... one who screamed, "Eli owns your husband."

Gisele didn't shout back ... but turned to a friend and said, "My husband can not f****ing throw the ball and catch the ball at the same time. I can't believe they dropped the ball so many times."

Clearly, G was taking a shot at Wes Welker, Aaron Hernandez ... and every other Pats player who CHOKED during the big game.

The comment was captured on tape and has already hit the Internet.

A short time later, Gisele could be seen comforting her hubby in the bowels of the stadium.

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It was a pretty exciting game. Madonna even put on a impressive show during halftime. I was hoping that Madonna would do the song "Ray of Light". I love the keyboards in that song ... especially turned up kind of loud on a good stereo system. It would have sounded cool for the fans.


Madonna usually has a bunch of good dancers in her shows. Madonna's voice sounds good and she can still do all her usual dancing moves ... pretty impressive for a 53 year old. Who knows, she might have a career as long as the Rolling Stones. Lady Gaga and Katy Perry could have really long music careers too if they keep on creating the hit songs in the studio. That's what the Rolling Stones did.

958 days ago

Celebrities Suck    

Gisele is a home wrecker.... Tom had a girlfriend whom he left pregnant at the time to be with Gisele.... He's a Loser!

958 days ago


Of course, she's a bitch! Did you read that sappy, arrogant email?!? She's a narcissist arrogant bitch like her husband.

958 days ago


She may be correct, but a class act would have kept her observations to herself and not create animosity amoung the teamates. I'm sure they feel bad enough regarding thier sheetatious performance.

958 days ago


Unfortunately we LOVE to HATE on those who "appear" to have everything....that said.....wouldn't you love to know what they said behind closed doors??? Lol

958 days ago


She is 100% correct. All kinds of plays happen during the game that could make a difference in the end. Like a safety. But when the game is on the line at the end, and you drop balls, it is rightfully seen as choking. Welker makes that catch any other time in his career. Just not in the last part of a Super Bowl game that probably would have closed out the Giants if NE had gone on and scored. Doesn't make him a bad guy but it sounds like a classic choke to me.

958 days ago

Steven W.    

Why the heck is this news?

958 days ago

JR Jake    

That was a terrible and idiotic thing to say about the same guys who helped get her husband into the Super Bowl, make him his megamillions and put him on magazine covers. A shallow mind sometimes just says stupid things in the heat of passion.

958 days ago

Celebrities Suck    

Gisele you win some you lose some stop blaming his team mates for his failure as a quarter back. His team mate could easily say his toss scked that's why they dropped the ball so many times.

958 days ago


Jets fan here. Hate the Patriots...but she is right... He didn't play bad. Nobody really played bad but the drops killed them. She seems to understand football and nobody should EVER say anything to a Girlfriend or wife of a player. THAT is classless...

958 days ago


Hey she was being heckled and taunted after a highly emotional loss. Good for her for speaking up. She's a human being just like anyone else.

958 days ago


Your pretty boy husband lost......get over it

958 days ago


Gisele is 100% right. It's a team that wins the title, not one man. TWO drops back to back made the Pats look real bad. The Pats just didn't commit and it cost them.

958 days ago


Brady took it well, too bad his wifes a dumb ****. He overthrew Welker even though it should have been caught, and he threw a safety lol. Brady made a lot of mistakes, so she can shut her whore mouth now.

958 days ago


Gisele, your poor excuse of a husband quarterback, should have thrown the ball so his men could have caught it. He does that all the time, will take no responsibility for his failures.

958 days ago
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