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Justin Bieber's Bodyguard

Unleashes Fist of Fury

on Photog

2/7/2012 5:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

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Justin Bieber's bodyguard put down an over-agressive photog with one serious haymaker at LAX Monday afternoon ... and the whole melee was caught on tape.

TMZ obtained video of the altercation between the Bieb's protector and the paparazzo -- not one of our guys -- and when the clip begins the bodyguard already has the pap in a headlock.

After several moments of grappling, the photog breaks free to square off with the bodyguard -- BIG mistake ... 'cause that's when the bodyguard uncorks a straight right to the photog's face.

As TMZ first reported, according to Bieber's camp the altercation began when the pap jumped in front of Bieb's SUV and refused to stop snapping pics.

The pap was arrested and booked for felony assault with a deadly weapon. Police believe the fight started when he used his camera to hit the bodyguard.


The bodyguard's battle scars are pretty clear in the photos from the scene.


No Avatar


NICE WORK! hey, if someone takes a swing on you - they're fair game. done and done. the photog got what he deserved.

968 days ago


hope justin got a hair cut, cause he aint gonna have the money to get another one.

968 days ago


That was the gayest punch I've ever seen. That guy is an Israeli soldier? No wonder Israel needs the U.S. to bodyguard them.
Justin Bieber has bodyguards that couldn't even beat up Justin Bieber.

968 days ago


Knockout Punch? Really TMZ? Then you put up the video that shows a basic girl slap. It's one thing to beef up the buzz to make something sound bigger than it is. It's a whole 'nother thing to blatantly lie. C'mon. Give us loyal readers some credit. Don't lie to us like we're bitches. Not a way to treat your faithful. Thank you.

968 days ago


Dude got his ass kicked by a old man.

968 days ago


good. That's what he gets. Too bad it wasn't the guy talking on the video too

968 days ago


Since when is a camera a deadly weapon?

968 days ago


I think the body guard should be arrested cause it was like 2 on one and the pap couldn't fight back.

968 days ago

Tom Brokaw    

nice edit TMZ no one noticed you guys are retarded., don't worry

968 days ago

Fat Mike    

That headline's better! There's obviously one honest person in your "newsroom". Pfffft, haha..... newsroom

968 days ago



968 days ago


He needs a new body guard, there is know way that guy could have taken anyone that is half way athletic. He is over weight out of shape. The only reason he got a punch in is cause the other guy was repremanded.

968 days ago


The bodyguard's a dink; he didn't do anything major...
except be an a**hole.

968 days ago


Didn't look like the bodyguard did anything with a single punch. That punch was weaker than my grandmothers. Justin better start looking for a new bodyguard because the man obviously doesn't know how to throw a punch and if it weren't for those cops showing up, I think the photographer, who thew the bodyguard on the ground like a sack of potatoes, would have smoked the fat out of shape bodyguard who throws a punch like a girl.

968 days ago


Photog would have destroyed that body guard, if it was a true one. The ole bodyguard may have been a hardass at some point, but he was winded and posing after the fight - a bit too hard.
TMZ photogs through their mate under the bus! All photogs have to start somewhere, and don't become the cream de cream like TMZ-togs over night. (sarcasm).

968 days ago
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