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New England Patriots

Gisele Violated 'The Code'

2/6/2012 10:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Gisele Bundchen
should have kept her perfectly-shaped mouth shut last night -- this according to multiple sources inside the Patriots organization, who claim the supermodel violated a "code of brotherhood" by bashing Tom Brady's receivers.

Sources tell TMZ, the teammates are "disappointed" Gisele decided to air her grievances after the game last night -- when she said, "My husband cannot f***ing throw the ball and catch the ball at the same time. I can't believe they dropped the ball so many times."

According to sources, Tom's teammates feel betrayed by Gisele's behavior -- the Pats organization is a brotherhood and Gisele's pot shot violated the code -- which is basically ... win as a team, lose as a team.

As one source put it, "It's like knocking someone when they are down."


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meghan anderson    

They left out the part that when this happened she was walking thru the airport and was being yelled at by a stranger saying things likke "eli is the best, can't your husband catch a ball" etc. She didn't deserve to be heckled and didn't handle it the right way but tell the whole story here. Some football fans are just pathetic.

900 days ago


Oh please!!! She did not went on TV and made a statement bashing Tom's teammates. She, like any normal wife, defended her husband when someone heckled her. She had enough composure because if someone bashed and heckled me after a frustrating event like that, I would knock the person's effin teeth out. I do not believe that anyone within the Patriots organization could be so stupid and say she violated a code. Plus it's the truth, the receivers dropped the ball more than once. The Patriots are my team, you don't win, get over it, and move on. Don't blame Giselle for pointing the obvious to an idiot with a camera phone!

900 days ago


I can't stand her! She just needs to STFU

900 days ago


she sure doesn't look like a super model in that photo. Perfect mouth? She has a big old nose and a horsey looking face. Maybe just a bad shot.

900 days ago


She probably shouldnt have said anything, but someone yelling stuff out at them probably made her loose her cool. She was right and she only said how she felt, Im sorry but if he was my husband and his face looked like Toms did last nite I prob blurr some crap out too! Love U Brady!

900 days ago


She's got zero class and with that foul mouth of hers she is probably the reason Tom Brady is not playing the way he should. And if he's weak enough to let her influence him with her negativity, his teammates won't have his back or act like a team. He shouldn't have married her, period.

900 days ago

Big Dumb Ape    

Looking at these photos of Gisele -- you know, the "super model" -- let this be a lesson in JUST how much top flight makeup and hair styling and dresses can make the person. Because, frankly, I am NOT impressed (actually, I never have been). Sorry, but Gisele is really NOT "all that" and it's clear from all the random press photos that were taken of her leading up to the game (and after) show JUST how dependent she is on professional help. To be honest, I see LOTS of prettier girls at the mall, working in stores and restaurants, etc. Granted I live in Hollywood, where you might find a higher number of pretty girls who flocked to the town to try and be actresses and what not, but -- all in all -- I see far more girls who have an actual NATURAL beauty over Gisele's clearly manufactured look. Like I said, not very impressed by her at all.

900 days ago


She has a huge honker!! In desperate need of a major nose job.Somehow they hide it when she is modeling (photo shop or angles?)
She looks very manish-ugh!

900 days ago


She blew it ... she reacted to a boisterous Giants fan and was ticked at that moment. I'm sure she would have allowed cooler comments to prevail if she had a chance to do it again. She should apologize to the Patriots.

900 days ago


Giselle has always been her Number One FAN...of herself!

When Brady married her, it told more about HIM than anything else (this is after Brady got another gal pregnant and dumped that actress for Giselle who is a big-mouthed nag-wife, with a huge nose and stringy hair).

Giselle's raspy voice sounds like a woman who has smoked for 50 years!...Gross! ....Once she opens her mouth, any amount of attractiveness goes out the window!

The only thing Giselle has going for herself, are her long legs....& eventually those will GO too!

Anybody that has ever heard Giselle speak on any Talk Shows (eg:Jay Leno or D.Letterman) , will hear how dumb she is in general (ie: she gives all blondes a bad name, since she is the epitome of a "dumb blonde").

Giselle, go AWAY.
Since your hubby just bought you a 22 million dollar home last week, go there, stay there, and don't come out !

900 days ago


Amazing that she's the highest paid model in the world and she's not even pretty. She has a face like a horse/man. Great bod, though.

900 days ago


I understood that was a private remark she made to a friend that somebody overheard. Sorry guys but your stupid brotherhood can't dictate private conversations. Maybe they should change their names to the New England Nazis if they want to be so fascist about this.

900 days ago


Yeah, well she's right.

900 days ago


Bottome line is that jibes at her from Giants fans got to her and she felt she had to stick up for her husband. It's not to say that she had a right to run her mouth against her husband's teammates because everyone on the team could have played better. Brady did take the high road when he took the stance of "win as a team, lose as a team" which his loudmouth wife should have done too. She needs to become familiar with the formalities of sportsmanship. Some words of wisdom for Giselle: Just shut up and walk up and down a runway in skimpy clothes until your expiration date is up.

900 days ago


This is such a media hyped story. Gisele was just defending her husband after a loud, drunk and thuggish Giant's fan was trash talking about her husband while she was trying to get on an elevator.

Someone has a camera close by and she made a few comments. There is nothing to see here folks! Out-of-context and made up crap by the media. The Giants won the game and the Patriots beat themselves!

900 days ago
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