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New England Patriots

Gisele Violated 'The Code'

2/6/2012 10:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Gisele Bundchen
should have kept her perfectly-shaped mouth shut last night -- this according to multiple sources inside the Patriots organization, who claim the supermodel violated a "code of brotherhood" by bashing Tom Brady's receivers.

Sources tell TMZ, the teammates are "disappointed" Gisele decided to air her grievances after the game last night -- when she said, "My husband cannot f***ing throw the ball and catch the ball at the same time. I can't believe they dropped the ball so many times."

According to sources, Tom's teammates feel betrayed by Gisele's behavior -- the Pats organization is a brotherhood and Gisele's pot shot violated the code -- which is basically ... win as a team, lose as a team.

As one source put it, "It's like knocking someone when they are down."


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No Avatar


Hey Giselle, How did that prayer work out for ya?

997 days ago

Throwback kid    

Gisele had the nerve to say she went green with her 22,000 sq ft mansion they just built? Is she kidding?, they are both greedy people who want alot more than they need. I know Gisele is no rocket scientist but does she have any idea what kind of a carbon footprint her mansion leaves compared to the rest of us? Imagine how much energy it would cost to run that mansion? And she says she went green? Gisele just comes off as a very stupid woman

997 days ago


Wow, she's going to be sitting alone at the next team bar-b-que. I see a divorce in her future.

997 days ago

Oh well    

It was her HUSBAND being a wuss, throwing the ball away instead of running out of the endzone costing his team 2 points and the ball.

997 days ago


Like knocking someone when they are down?! It's the damn Superbowl!!! What all of them have worked all season and taken body hits for. His receivers FAILED big time on catches they should have made during the SUPERBOWL. Everyone is pissed and who gives a rat's ass if she spoke out of turn - she's just upset, as I'm very sure they are! It's an emotional outburst and they should be happy it was a wife and not a teammate. She's not spilling locker room secrets! She's saying what we're all saying and what all the ESPN talking heads are saying.

What they need to do is worry about their coach's wrath cause Belichick is no joke. Wasn't a player TMZ featured here with his special Patriot haircut cut the night before the big game? I've never even heard of that happening near a Superbowl! Maybe they ought to shut it and worry about something legit, like their future on the Patriots, not the anger of a wife and fan who has every right to be pissed at those 4 (maybe 5) catches that should not have been dropped. Seriously, have they watched the film? It was ridiculous.

997 days ago


As a die-hard football fan of more than 35 years, I for one can vouch that she violated no code at all. Had she blasted players in an interview either in front of an "intended" camera or in print, then "yes" she would have spoken out of turn. But as I'm lead to believe (I have yet to actually see the video) she was caught on camera confiding in her friend her feelings of what had transpired. In the end, for any members of the Patriots organization to allow any negativity fall on her for this particular incident is nothing more than the effects of a "losing the Super Bowl" hangover. Regardless of them trying to deflect, the remains....."she's right".

997 days ago


Is it just me or does she have a huge nose?! And I don't find her that pretty anyways.

997 days ago


Everything she has in life is directly related to her exceptional good looks. She is not a great intellect and nobody cares to hear what she says. Quarterback wives need to concentrate on keeping their mouths shut and pouting their lips. Nothing more pathetic than a sore loser.

997 days ago

billy cema    

If there's a next time, perhaps they could find a way to zip Tom Brady's lips. No comments about anything before the upcoming game. Nothing! Just keep quiet, and the opposing team won't have a psychological edge going in. (And psychic power has a lot to do with winning!)
I would think she is right; she has a right to voice her opinions, just like the rest of us.
The teammates sound like they need a scapegoat to make themselves feel less sh-tty!
Better luck in the future!

997 days ago


she said it to a friend and was overheard by others, gimme a break. she didnt' "blast" anyone publicly. and lets be honest, she expressed what many people thought, the receivers were all having OFF games.

997 days ago


It might be in poor taste- but that doesn't change the fact that she was 100% correct in her statement!!! Brady did great, Receivers sucked a fat one.

997 days ago


G bet's big time on pro sports. The bitch lose her money and was "MAD"!

997 days ago


Just take the f***ing picture and keep your mouth SHUT!

997 days ago


I agree with her. Whoever Brady threw that first pass to should have caught it and avoided the whole safety embarrassment.

997 days ago

Ol Virginny    

Gisele has a big honker. But the rest of her looks great!

997 days ago
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