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Pilar Sanders SUES

Deion 'Orchestrated' Ambush

... On Me!!!

2/8/2012 7:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Deion Sanders "orchestrated" a violent attack on his wife ... designed to physically force her out of his Texas mansion ... this according to a new lawsuit filed by Pilar Sanders.

In a fast and furious legal response to the altercation at the home this week, Pilar filed suit against Deion and a woman named Laura Jones, the woman accused of carrying out the attack.

According to the documents, Deion summoned Laura -- his "fake aunt" -- to help him physically remove Pilar from the home on Feb. 6 so Deion could change the locks and bar her from returning.

Pilar claims Jones is legally banned from entering the home ... but she entered the place anyway ... so Pilar says she demanded that the woman leave immediately. Instead, Pilar claims, the woman "squared off and took a swing at [Pilar] hitting her in the eye."

Pilar says Laura "continued to hit, slap, punch, choke, push and kick" her ... causing various injuries. Pilar says she was so scared, she grabbed a KITCHEN KNIFE and prepared to defend herself until cops arrived.

Now, Pilar wants a judge to issue a restraining order against the woman ... and she wants Deion to fork over a check for the mental and physical pain.

After the incident, Deion claimed Laura was only at the home to fix his phone system and said Pilar's account is completely untrue.

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No Avatar


This Pilar chick should move in with her lawyer until it's all resolved.

985 days ago


Pilar is starting to come off a little batty.

985 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

Everything this woman says ends with "cut me a check". I have no great love for Deon Sanders, but this woman seems absolutely Psychotic in her hatred for him. Let's face it, before she got married, she no doubt was trolling every locker room she could find doing peen by the yard.

I also couldn't help noticing that the police were never called. I think that says it all about this latest money grab.

985 days ago


A little batty? I think that's being nice at this point.

985 days ago

No comment    

Pilar sounds like she is throwing a Hail Mary pass in order to win more money. Desperation! I can see her now saying she has emotional trauma and can never work again.

985 days ago

Mary P    

You know what's funny? When people are blasting her on each incident she tries to blast, somehow, a day or two later - the "incident" in question is somehow someone else's psychotic episode. And why is DEION'S aunt (or not, whatever) is barred from HIS home because that ho is squatting? Seriously, I'm starting to think she's worse than that Jackson bimbo.. Alexandra or whatever, that had the two baby daddies from the Jackson clan.

Now, she wants cash, more cash and this story.. guess what? Cash. No criminal suit, no apparent charges filed... just hand over the check to me!

Regardless of all that, Deion didn't touch her and AFAIK, he didn't have mind control over the alleged aunt.

985 days ago


if you with this yesterday

she clearly went to the hospital yesterday because his "aunt" threw an "object" and hit her in the eye.
This is a completely new story, over the same situation, wtf?

985 days ago


Enough of this freak show/publicity stunt already. Nobody cares about her.

985 days ago

northern gypsy    

wow...this woman is really out to lunch !!!
their kids are going to be in therapy for years to come...
tragic that she doesn't realize that...

985 days ago


this chick is some kind of crazy...doesn't she get that the more she talks, the worse it looks for her...someone take those children away from her...

985 days ago


Fix his PHONE SYSTEM?! Okay, I was wondering if Pilar was crazy until that excuse, which is one of the lamest I’ve ever heard. I really, really doubt this woman works for the phone company. If she does, Pilar is crazy. If she doesn’t then Deion is an asshat. I know which one I’m betting on.

985 days ago


Can't Deion get a gag order from the judge? I think I would be working very closely with my lawyers to that end if I was in his situation. A Pre-nup is a pre-nup is a pre-nup. Nup said.

985 days ago


It appears Pilar is the one who instigates everything. If she was in fear of her life, then why the hell didn`t she leave the house? People who are afraid leave, they don`t stay.
It also seems that everything she `goes through` she needs a check for it, sounds like she`s wanting to be paid for everything, wonder if she did that while playing his wife also. She reminds me of a cold hearted person and doesn`t deserve anything, she is already trying to make him look like an abuser, which I don`t think is true, because there again, why would she stay? Personally I think she is just pissed off because he found out what a conniving cold hearded user she is and pulled the plug, and for her to say she signed the pre-nup under duress is also a can of bull. All those ball players make sure their wives are taken care of very well, she knew exactly what she was doing and liked the deal, otherwise she would not have signed, much less married him.

985 days ago


Their children don't stand a chance if these two losers don't grow up.

985 days ago


See what happens when you marry crazy broads

985 days ago
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