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Pilar Sanders SUES

Deion 'Orchestrated' Ambush

... On Me!!!

2/8/2012 7:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Deion Sanders "orchestrated" a violent attack on his wife ... designed to physically force her out of his Texas mansion ... this according to a new lawsuit filed by Pilar Sanders.

In a fast and furious legal response to the altercation at the home this week, Pilar filed suit against Deion and a woman named Laura Jones, the woman accused of carrying out the attack.

According to the documents, Deion summoned Laura -- his "fake aunt" -- to help him physically remove Pilar from the home on Feb. 6 so Deion could change the locks and bar her from returning.

Pilar claims Jones is legally banned from entering the home ... but she entered the place anyway ... so Pilar says she demanded that the woman leave immediately. Instead, Pilar claims, the woman "squared off and took a swing at [Pilar] hitting her in the eye."

Pilar says Laura "continued to hit, slap, punch, choke, push and kick" her ... causing various injuries. Pilar says she was so scared, she grabbed a KITCHEN KNIFE and prepared to defend herself until cops arrived.

Now, Pilar wants a judge to issue a restraining order against the woman ... and she wants Deion to fork over a check for the mental and physical pain.

After the incident, Deion claimed Laura was only at the home to fix his phone system and said Pilar's account is completely untrue.

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*To TMZ commenters pages 1-2*

that dislike fairy was pilar.

953 days ago


If Laura is already legally barred from the place, why does Pilar needs a restraining order? Shouldn't there already be one? You know, the one that already legally bans her from the place? This chick is psychotic and desperate, which is a combination that leads to tradegy. This case will be dismissed because Deion wasn't physically involved in the altercation and is not responsibility for what happened.

953 days ago


Wow......what a nut lol. Watch your back Deion.

953 days ago


Deion go the county court house and file and serve her with a 72 hour notice to vacate.

953 days ago


Why do these stupid athletes ALWAYS marry high-priced gold-digging selfish whores?

952 days ago


Gives new meaning to the term "taking out the trash." LOL!

952 days ago


BWAHAHAHA!!! This bitch is bringing the KARAAAAAZY!

952 days ago


I'm getting sick of this girl! You signed a prenup you're getting a divorce get the hell out of his house. You get a million dollars you're better off than most of us.

952 days ago


This is just getting old... Is this woman just nuts???

952 days ago


TMZ we do not care about Deion and Pilar so stop posting stupid ****ing stories about them

952 days ago


OK, wait...I didn't even finish reading the article but HOW MANY lawsuits has the chick filed? It's like, Deion went to the restroom, she files a lawsuit, Deion woke up this morning, she files a lawsuit, Deion smiles today, she files a lawsuit.


AND Deion, show some dignity, stop tweeting your responses about your wife's antics; it makes you look just as pitiful as she does.

952 days ago


coupla things...small things, so pay attention miss pilar. first - hubby cannot change the locks on you. that is your house as much as it is his, until legal arrangements are made. second - someone shows up at your doorstep, you do NOT need to engage them. you simply tell them they are not welcome, and call the police if the need should arise. trespassing is an offense that they take seriously. third - the media is NOT your ally. they are there to get a juicy, dirty, nasty story from you for entertainment. they are not there to help you through your divorce. they are not your confidant. you do not need to spell out all of your decisions to them. you do not need to defend yourself to them. you DO need to step back and stop sharing this garbage. the more you share, the crazier you'll look. you're going through a difficult time - that's apparent. these things are never easy. but, you have to trust that the court will handle this matter fairly...and what you or deion share with the media will not have an affect on the court's decision - it will, however, have an affect on your children. i know that you have nothing better to do with your time than to read tmz comments...so, you...are...WELCOME. lol

952 days ago


Pilar you better goggle Dwayne Wade crazy wife,because at the end she lost everything even her children.

952 days ago

Celeb Gossip Addict    

These two are crazy. I looked at Deion's tweets last night and those of his daughter and another young female family member who has been attacking Pilar on Twitter. Deion actually encouraged the family member to be disrespectful to Pilar at which point of course the family member began to do so. He is a PURE D SC*MBAG for that. On the other hand, Pilar should just leave the house. She is trying to force Deion to deal with her and that is ridiculous. Just file for emergency support and get out of that situation before someone gets hurt (again). Oh and while Deion was claiming on Twitter that his "aunt" got hurt his daughter was taunting Pilar for having gotten her butt kicked all while she has on boxing gloves in her Twitter pic.

Meanwhile both of these people profess to be Christians on Twitter. Deion is the devil for sure. He reminds me of Slick Pimp Daddy Eddie Long. Karma will come for him.

952 days ago


First I have to say Deion's FAMILY really need to stay out of his business with Pilar. Divorce is hard enough and for this "Aunt Laura" to get on the radio this morning and act like she was innocent and Pilar is crazy is obviously a complete lie. It's funny how his family have forgotten how he did his first wife! K-104 had no business putting this lady on the radio and she knew when she when she went to that house Pilar was there and for sure she went there with bad intentions. Deion Sanders is a DOGG period and to his family STOP IT!! STOP DEFENDING THE SAME MAN THAT HAS DOGGED EVERY WOMAN HE HAS BEEN INVOLVED WITH!! PILAR IS THE MOTHER OF HIS KIDS! DEION NEED TO MAN-UP AND LET HER HAVE THE HOUSE FOR HER AND HER KIDS!! THAT IS THE LEAST HE CAN DO SINCE I AM SURE HE HAS CHEATED ON HER A MILLION TIMES!! PILAR IS ACTING LIKE ANY OTHER WOMAN THAT HAS BEEN DOGGED AND TREATED BAD BY THEIR IGNORANT GHETTO IN-LAWS!!! HIS FAMILY NEED TO STAY OUT OF PILAR'S SPACE AND TELL HIS SORRY AZZ TO LET HER HAVE THE HOUSE AND PROVIDE FOR HER KIDS PERIOD !!! LAURA STOP IT!! YOU WENT THERE TO BE LOW DOWN AND DIRTY!! SINCE YOU ARE TURNING 50 THIS YEAR GROW UP LADY AND MIND YOUR OWN LIFE!! YOU 50!!! STOP IT!!!

952 days ago
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