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Russell Brand to Katy Perry:

I Don't Want Your Money

2/8/2012 7:55 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Katy Perry and Russell Brand
Russell Brand
is entitled to approximately $20 million of Katy Perry's fortune ... but TMZ has learned he will not take a single penny of it.

Russell's lawyer filed final divorce papers Tuesday ... although the judge will make the divorce official on June 30, because there's a 6 month waiting period.

Informed sources tell TMZ ... Russell and Katy did NOT have a prenup. As a result, everything they earned during their 14-month marriage is community property -- which means they're each entitled to 50% of the pot.

Katy made $44 million between May, 2010 and May, 2011 -- according to Forbes. The couple married in October, 2010, so Russell could have scored a fortune if he exercised his community property rights. 

But here's the deal. As one source put it, "This divorce is as amicable as it gets, and Russell was a mensch (Yiddish for a good person)." He doesn't want Katy's money. He's happy to walk away with the money he earned -- which is far less than what Katy raked in.

So we gotta ask ...


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you know it    

finally! a good guy! is he available? wink, wink.

955 days ago


Congrats to Russell Brand on being a good person.

To all the men saying "a woman would have never done that", it's because we're vindictive as ****. ;)

955 days ago


NEVER MARRY WHILE STILL IN THE LUST PHASE.....that's the real lesson here

955 days ago



I don't think Russell is really "marriage material". I bet Katy wanted to get married more than he did.

Russell is the kind of guy that gets bored easily with relationships and everything else. Plenty of comedians and actors are like that. It doesn't matter who the girl is either ... even a super hot girl like Katy (inside and out). Russell used to be "shagger of the year" in England you know. He is one of those "pickup artist" seducer kind of guys. The British tabloids call him "noted Lothario Russell Brand".

Like a lot of women, Katy probably thought she could change him and make everything work even with their hectic entertainer lifestyles. Russell might make a good father for his kids when he has them but not much of a husband. He'd rather be off sampling other women and "spreading his seed" around like a honeybee or something. He's a former sex addict you know ... probably still is. Watch some of his stand up comedy on YouTube and you'll see what I mean.

955 days ago


I have never been a big fan of Mr. Brand, maybe I just dont get his humor, but after reading this, he has my respect, and that is much more than getting a laugh out of me. She is a lucky woman, but I get the feeling she knew that and that is why she married him in the first place. Ladies there are still good men out there, this proves it!

955 days ago


Also not all women go after the money, only the gold diggin hoes, and you stupid men marry them! I would not go after funds after such a short marriage, but maybe that is why I am in such a happy loving relationship, cause we are both in it for love not status!

955 days ago


He will regret that decision within a few years.

955 days ago


Sure would be nice,tell me the update in 6 months!

955 days ago


Sure would be nice,tell me the update in 6 months!

955 days ago

Fat Mike    

Is anyone surprised? He's male, not female.

955 days ago


When they started dating she wasn't making money like this, she had just come out with "I kissed a girl" and Russell had just had a large role in Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Being young and in love she probably wasn't thinking "What if I make a ton of money in the future?" Perhaps he wronged her or cheated which led to the divorce and you would have to be a total prick to cheat on someone and then take half their money. I'm not going to jump to the conclusions about him being noble or a chump until I know why their marriage ended.

955 days ago


Good for him!!! Makes you smile a little that they are able to end this with class and dignity... :)

955 days ago


God, does anyone at TMZ know how the real world works? She may have made $44 million, but I bet 8 of that 44 went to agents, etc. Then, staff... who knows how much? Then, theoretically, 30%+ to taxes... we're down to $20-24. Then they spent some blah blah blah. He's entitled to half of what's left, not the gross income.

955 days ago

Sunset Strip Dealer    

You would never ever see a woman do this but then again they are willing to sleep with a person they find repulsive if they get the money. If you did not have ******* I am not sure what the worth would be.

955 days ago


I disagree with everyone that is saying a woman would never do this. I am a woman and I would do the same thing, so yes a woman WOULD do this not all women are greedy or care solely about material things.

955 days ago
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