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Russell Brand to Katy Perry:

I Don't Want Your Money

2/8/2012 7:55 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Katy Perry and Russell Brand
Russell Brand
is entitled to approximately $20 million of Katy Perry's fortune ... but TMZ has learned he will not take a single penny of it.

Russell's lawyer filed final divorce papers Tuesday ... although the judge will make the divorce official on June 30, because there's a 6 month waiting period.

Informed sources tell TMZ ... Russell and Katy did NOT have a prenup. As a result, everything they earned during their 14-month marriage is community property -- which means they're each entitled to 50% of the pot.

Katy made $44 million between May, 2010 and May, 2011 -- according to Forbes. The couple married in October, 2010, so Russell could have scored a fortune if he exercised his community property rights. 

But here's the deal. As one source put it, "This divorce is as amicable as it gets, and Russell was a mensch (Yiddish for a good person)." He doesn't want Katy's money. He's happy to walk away with the money he earned -- which is far less than what Katy raked in.

So we gotta ask ...


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Love TMZ. great, entertaining show.

996 days ago

Sandra a days so many gold diggers in show business, both women AND men, it's great to see SOMEONE with some respect for their ex! YOU GO Russell!!

996 days ago


Katy don't look too good in that photo!!!

996 days ago



996 days ago


I saw Russell Brand perform at Eastern Michigan University in November 2011; he was witty, charming and spoke glowingly about Katy Perry. I'm not surprised they parted amiably and that he is not "taking her to the bank." He is perfectly capable of earning a living and may have more longevity in the business than she will. He's marvelously creative with words - a grand rationalizer - and, despite his past drug-laced indiscretions, seemed remarkably sane.

996 days ago

curious cat    

why use a foreign word "mensch" on an american website where english is writt? i don't care what language, don't force it down my throat and give me the translation. it's not interchangeable with english. period.

996 days ago


Katy Perry and Russell Brand did not have children so he should not be getting paid after the divorce. Kevin Federline and Britney Spears have two kids. That is why Kevin is getting money from Britney after they divorced.

996 days ago

Carol L    

Most women have that guy from our youth that we look back on and think, God, why'd I let that one get away? I think Russell will be Katy's.

996 days ago


Russel is a great guy, I new he would not take any of Katy,s money, He has class, good old brit.

996 days ago


I new Russel would not ga afte her money. He is not instrested. He is a classy guy... Good old Brit...

996 days ago


Russell was seriously in love with Katy and the reason why he filed for divorce was because he wanted his soon-to-be ex wife to spend more time with him. He reasoned out that they were practically newly wed but they haven't been spending more time together because of Katy's hectic tour schedules. The last straw was when she spent the New Year with her friends in Hawaii. Russell obviously wanted a REAL marriage. Now with him not asking even for a single cent from Katy when they divorce clearly proves Russell Brand IS THE MAIN MAN.

He's really a nice guy despite his seemingly bad boy appearance. I like this guy a lot.

996 days ago


To the person complaining why the wife deserves the money (@meow). The reason the woman carries the baby is because Eve ate the apple from the forbidden tree, or did you forget. It was the woman who slyly got Adam to eat the apple. As punishment, women have to carry the child AND experience the pain. Don't blame it on us men. We're in the 21st century, so what happened to all the chants of being an "independent woman", and a woman being able to do everything a man can? You woman DON'T deserve HALF or more of everything a man has put his hard work and sweat into. Also alimony is especially a joke, it's like welfare without all the paranoia of being caught by the state for pretending to be poor.

996 days ago


Class act. Makes Brian Austin Green look like an even bigger d-bag for going after his baby mama.

996 days ago

The Love Sponge    

Outstanding! He maned up and took responsibility for his own life. He did it without trying to take advantage of or hurting her. He could have easily but did not. That takes guts and discipline from deep inside. What ever I said negatively about this man I take back. Soak Up The Love Babies OOOXXX

996 days ago

I. De La Fuente    

During my divorce in 2010. I did the same thing. I gave my spouse EVERTHING. I took my clothes and left. I wanted her to know that I am leaving with the best intentions and wish her the best in life. Nice to know that men are following the same suit as I. Give till it hurts and a little more after that.

996 days ago
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