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Halle Berry

More Trouble on the Home Front

2/9/2012 4:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0209_halle_house_Ability-Films_exAs if stalkers and court drama wasn't enough, Halle Berry is also having some serious problems with her home in the Hollywood Hills ... and now she's on the hunt for a new place to live ... temporarily.

Halle was spotted checking out some swanky beach pads in Malibu today ... and sources connected to the actress tell us she's looking for a short term rental while her Hollywood home is under repair.

We're told Halle wants to be in a safe and secure area ... especially with TWO dangerous fans on the loose.

As we previously reported, Halle ultimately wants to move to France to be with her fiance Olivier Martinez ... and she wants to bring her daughter with her ... but she needs a judge to sign off, first.

Until she sorts that situation, guess the beach will have to do.


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Yes, it makes sense to go overseas because of course stalkers can't buy airline tickets, right? And there are no stalkers in France. Sheesh. I hope the judge doesn't buy that story. Talk about your control freaks.

797 days ago


Halle is throwing out lies to see which ones the judge will believe and rule in her favor. Is it her age or has she always been such a nut case?

797 days ago


More manufactured drama.

797 days ago

two cents    

WTF you doing TMZ?! What's next? Gonna have your tour bus go by her new place? You're not better than her stalkers. Leave her alone and stop showing where she's trying to keep her child safe from sickos. F'ing idiots!!

797 days ago


Beach parties at Halle's this summer, yay!

797 days ago

Throwback kid    

Does Halle think of anyone but herself? When things don't go her way she literally flips out! I feel bad for Gabriel,he had no idea how really crazy this woman was when he met her. Halle Berry is doing everything she can to ruin his life

797 days ago


Halle Berry is just another mother looking to alienate her daughter from her father..... I mean seriously, does she Have to move all the way to France to be "safe"?? And her sudden engagement? Sounds like a sham to me. She should think of her daughters needs first. What a shame!!!

797 days ago


People get a life. I can't believe you think everything TMZ prints is a fact. TMZ is always filled with lies. Stop working yourselves up over lies.

797 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

From TMZ's story: "Halle was spotted checking out some swanky beach pads in Malibu today"

Yep, If I was looking for a secure place to live, I would definitely be looking looking at beach homes in Malibu. The security you get from the ocean and beach is just phenomenal. Seriously, how can anyone believe this woman anymore. She doesn't care about her daughter's well being, she just wants to do everything in her power to screw her ex-husband out of any time that he can spend with her husband.

This woman is a disgrace.

797 days ago


all this time.and suddenly she is in fear of a stalker just so happens she started fearing the stalker a week after the judge didnt give her full custody of their kid.

797 days ago


Sounds like Halle Berry isn't too good at picking boyfriends, hubbies, OR houses. Somebody needs to help this woman out.

797 days ago


Yall know what myself included are always on these sites but how in the hell do you think the stalkers may have just a little leg up on way to find her if she wants to go to europe for the right reasons and not because she is being a bitc* to old boy then let her so she can feel safe

797 days ago


It's nobody's business here where Halle Berry chooses to live. She is an excellent actress, she has won both an Oscar and Golden Globe, and has more than 30 other nominations and wins. Last reported salary for a film 10 millions dollars. France welcomed both Josephine Baker back in the day, and Tina Turner. Halle Berry will be most welcome in Europe.

As long as the haters come back here to spit more venom (I guess you are all very religious too?) TMZ will continue to publish stories about Berry, accurate or otherwise. They earned a lot of bucks harassing Lohan month after month and Gibson's baby mama, now they are looking forward to cash in on the next female that idiots love to hate.

Go get a life, people (first time I ever said that, but it seems appropriate now), and try to be a little kinder and more generous. You don't know anything about Aubrey, Berry or Martinez. Maybe you should put some effort into getting to know yourselves.

797 days ago


Oh, FFS !! Does she ever stop with the drama ?

She complains of a stalker, and a man who supposedly wants to slit her throat. Yet she wont sell her house, & move she'll rent another until this one is complete with repairs, and keep said come one, come all stalker pad !? How does that make sense ? SELL YOUR HOUSE AND BUY ANOTHER ONE IN MALIBU, SANTA MONICA, ETC, ETC, IF YOU ARE SO CONCERNED FOR YOUR SAFETY. YA DONT KEEP THE SAME ADDRESS YOUR STALKER KNOWS ! AND YOU DONT RELOCATE TO ANOTHER COUNTRY ! The rat smell is really stinking up the place.

Obviously she's not too concerned, or she'd sell the compound, instead of making repairs, and buy another house in another nearby city.

She just keeps contradicting herself !

Her complaints and her need to move to France are re-tard-ed.

We all know that after she moves to France to be with her "Fiance" Oliver, the engagement will be called off.

As I said before, I am continually disliking Halle Berry with every passing day. We all know the motive is not safety from a stalker that according to the internet has been out of jail since January. Where was her concern for safety then ?

Her only motive for anything right now is to keep daughter and father apart !

This is totally playing out like a really bad movie, where everyone knows the plot just from viewing the movie trailer.

797 days ago


No wonder the father is in anger management this bitter woman would make the Dalai lama cut a bitch. She wants to keep him tied up in court cases every week. Why cant she get better security like the rest of hollywood. She isnt the first and she wont be the last to get threats. Stalkers can still fly and follow you to France. Ask Diana and Dodi Alfayed about the paparazzi in France.

797 days ago
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