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Jersey City to Snooki

We're Not Afraid

to ARREST Your Ass!

2/9/2012 2:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Snooki and Jwoww will be on some seriously thin ice when they begin shooting their new reality show in Jersey City
and Jwoww will be on some seriously thin ice when they begin shooting their new reality show in Jersey City ... because the cops will be assigned to watch their asses AT ALL TIMES.

TMZ has learned ... officials in Jersey City  refused to a grant a permit to shoot the show UNLESS they agreed to some seriously strict rules.

1) The show must allow at least four Jersey City PD officers to be stationed at Jwoww and Snooki's home at all times.

2) The cops will stay with the cast and crew when they leave the home. Cops have agreed to keep an appropriate distance from the operation, so they don't get in the way of production.

3) If MORE cops are called in to handle an incident due to events related to the show, producers MUST reimburse Jersey City for all related costs.

Officials have also made it clear ... cops are taking the situation very seriously and will take action ... even on the cast ... if any state or city laws are broken.

Ultimately, producers agreed ... and got the permit. Production is scheduled to begin later this month.


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I think they should have the show in Newark.

996 days ago

terry j vey    

Cause we couldn't cast a bad light on jersey could we?It has so much going for it they want to turn away a revenue maker like jersey shore from coming to town.

996 days ago


U guys are all losers and U suck. This is gonna be the best show on television since Jersey Shore and I cant wait!!!

996 days ago


Was their ever any doubt they would get a permit? Maybe they can invite the Kardashians over for a joint script reading? (now that the Jersey kids have live-in city supplied babysitters)

996 days ago

Gill Grylls    

Snooki....Jwoww WTF. snooki that sounds like a name for a fat guys prick and jwoww...whats so woww about this hoe? b#tch ill call you by your real name. your nothing special toots.

who in the f#ck made these idiots famous anyways? MTV? someone should beat the sh#t out of both these dumb chicks and the MTV execs. whats next? a girl called snooki's sister named snooty? get outta here

995 days ago

eil sun    

who are they?...some daggers?...very popular

995 days ago


They need new nicknames like Crappi and Skanki.

995 days ago


JWOWW came off as a douche on last nights episode. Vinny put Roger on blast and she nutted up about it. Roger didn't even do anything, lol.

995 days ago

Cool Breeze    

When are these conceited no talent media hungry pigs going to disappear ?

995 days ago

BB not bb    

Oh boy, I wonder how that will work. In a sense, they may need police protection from the residents of Jersey City, but then again, if Snookie is publicly intoxicated or Jwoww or Snookie throw some punches in public, the police might just step in from behind the scenes and arrest the cast. Then it will have to be filmed in the Hudson County jail.

I think the police in Jersey City would have more important things to tend to then babysitting for this show. Then again, things could probably get seriously out of hand in Jersey City, and the mayor wants to make sure that this show doesn't ruin the city's image even more instead of helping it. There might not just be a bar fight, there might be a shooting there if someone gets offended. It can be pretty dangerous.

995 days ago


I'm getting bored with JS. Come on all they do is sleep, eat, get sloppy drunk and smoosch.....what a life!!! wait until their 15 minute of fame is over.....what would they do then? oooh wait SNOOK---porn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

995 days ago


Their parents must be so proud to have raised these rum soaked sperm receptacles.

995 days ago


This show is going to bomb,to say their the new "Laverne and Shirley" is an insult to Penny Marshall and Cindy Williams. Snookies shtick is getting old and Jwow is boring as hell!!! Please no more of these two!!!

995 days ago


I am so happy people are waking up to this trash!

995 days ago

Tom Paine    

This is a simple shakedown from the Police Union for overtime hours. It won't be cheap.

995 days ago
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