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Whitney's Death Tub Photo

Reveals Beauty Secret

2/14/2012 12:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF


New details in the Whitney Houston death investigation -- and the photo of the bathtub where she died. Strange as it sounds ... something in that photo revealed a beauty secret which Harvey's totally on board with now.

Also, Ryan Seacrest joins us to talk about his absurd Valentine's Day plans including a cupid costume, a harp, and a GONG?!?!

Plus, Bobby Flay's last-minute V-Day recipes -- especially for hot chicks and the fat dudes who love them -- and the one Jeremy Lin nickname that probably crosses the line.

(2:10) Breaking news right off the bat -- Rumor Willis' home was burglarized.
(3:30) The tub in which Whitney Houston died -- leads to the strangest segment about using olive oil as body lotion.
(14:13) Ryan Seacrest calls in -- you won't believe what Harvey accidentally texted him today ... thanks to a really awkward auto-correct.
(16:20) Ryan's wearing the craziest outfit tonight that involves ... wait on it ... a GONG. 
(17:00) Did Seacrest really eat 145 chicken wings in one sitting?
(17:30) Celebrity chef Bobby Flay is on the phone -- he says more people cry on Valentine's Day than any other.
(33:00) Knicks superstar Jeremy Lin -- how many racist nicknames can one player have?
(47:30) All types of celebs rip Chris Brown -- wondering why a woman beater was given so much air time on the Grammys.


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Sonya in Tx    

Whitney went from being somebody aspiring artists can follow to being a cautionary tale for the rest of us.

984 days ago


tmz did whitney have a will?
why isnt her family just checing the will for where to bury wh?
is bobby brown a beneficiary of wh life insurance?
how much is her policy?

984 days ago


How to Save Your V-Day....give the bitch a hint and buy her a douche! Valentines day is for SUCKERS OF THE WORSE KIND!

984 days ago


Can you imagine having to clean that tun after it had been used with olive oil in the water? Yech!!! Surely she didn't know what a mess she was making for the next person - paid or not!

984 days ago


When are MD going to start telling celebrities no to prescription drugs

984 days ago

TMZ Fan    

Harvey!! there is NO body fluid in the bath tub!! When you die it comes out!!! Its a set up!!!

She some how was maybe w/ Ray J and doing drugs and was placed afterwards!! HELLO

984 days ago


I'm grateful when Mike comes on, it gives me a chance to refresh my screen, mostly... but 'Marilyn dying at the Roosevelt?'... yeah, good comedic value.

984 days ago

mike holly    

come on, just another dead junky. sang one dolly tune in a bad movie

984 days ago


But no one can say how "black" evolved as okay while "yellow" evolved as unacceptable.

Grammys had too many old guys. McCartney, Beach Boys, Glen Campbell, Tony Bennett, and even Springsteen are all good singers, but there were just too many old singers.

984 days ago


What about a black golfer who comes outta nowhere and kicks ass? Or two black sisters out of Compton who come out and dominate the sport?

984 days ago


whitny sang one great dolly parton song in a so-so movie. she's just another dead junkie like amy winewhoever

984 days ago

Herman Bumfudle    

fhe odd thing about whitney being found dead in a bathtub full of water is that whitney didn't take baths. whitney believed that a shower washes the dirt off into the drain, while a bath holds the dirt, and you'd get out the tub soapy and dirty.

984 days ago


olive oil in bathwater is no secret to women, and it cleans up fine out of the tub with a little water swoosh and soap, that is not news

984 days ago


lol....was waiting yesterday 2hours for a simple pizza...had a choice of pizza or kfc...but at kfc the waiting time was 3hours here in Nairobi...valentine in EA.
any how found it sick to book withneys room doesent matter junk or mother let her RIP

984 days ago

deb wite    

im sorry, but you must be confused. chris brown was not throwing a tantrum you idoit, he was clapping. i dont know what you saw but you need to get your eyes checked. or you must be confusing him with bruno mars who when adele won her first award of the night, he pretended to get angry but was just joking around. everyone acts like they dont make mistakes that they wish they could take back and you people need to get off your high-horses and realize that he is a real person with feelings and just let it go. Teambreezy Bitch ^_^!!!!!!!!!!!!!

983 days ago
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