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Charlie Sheen

'Men' Is a

'Steaming Pile of Ass'

2/15/2012 4:35 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen still has hard feelings for Warner Bros. -- CLEARLY. 

Charlie tells TMZ ... he's delighted the company that fired him has sent him a cease and desist letter, warning him and his new production company not to use photos of himself from "Two and a Half Men" for his new show, "Anger Management."

Here's what Charlie told us:

"I"m thrilled.  It insulates me from having to redundantly see myself in the idiotic bowling shirt.  Perhaps if  Warner Bros. spent as much time and energy focusing on THEIR show, it wouldn't be such a steaming pile of ass."

And we thought revenge was best served cold.


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nancy williams    

So nice to see charlies lackeys have something to do again by posting on TMZ.Two and half Men has not skipped a beat.It is still tops in the ratings.The reason Sheen needs to use pictures is that before two and Half Men his career had tanked and there were no recent pictures of him other than those.It revived his career He should be kissing that pile of ass.

989 days ago


Ashton is not a good fit for the show....

989 days ago


Poor Chuckles. Always having a hissy fit over something. I realize that he's been right in the middle of so many "steaming piles of ass" he should know one when he sees one. But alas, the numbers don't back him up. The new Two and a Half Men is doing great, so you know where you can stick your bowling shirt, Charlie.

989 days ago


Oh God, here we go again.

989 days ago


At least one ass knows another ass, in this case, Sheen is the bigger ass!

989 days ago


Charlie can not be more right... Cancel MEN NOW!

989 days ago


Charlie IS an ass. Unfortunately though, he's right. I really tried to give the new show a chance, but after about 6 weeks, I finally killed the DVR on it. It's just not funny any more. RIP 2.5. Consider the shark jumped.

989 days ago

TMZ SpongeHead    

It really does suck. Kutcher tries way to hard to be funny. He was funny in That 70's Show because of the cast around him.

Not even Crier, who is funny as hell and without him there is no more Men, can't help make Kutcher funny.

Give Crier his own show, with the kid, it would be way funnier and I'd watch.

Only made it through a few episodes of Kutcher where as I used to watch Sheen/Crier religiously.

Still watch all the reruns and I laugh so hard I cry.

The show is DEAD. Even if Sheen came back...the shark has been jumped!!

989 days ago


Charlie has a way with words:)

989 days ago

Jay W.     

Regardless of 2 1/2 men success or lack there of... Charlie is a steaming pile of ass.

989 days ago

princess leia    

Charlie Sheen: ""I"m thrilled"

I'm sure he is. He's just gotten a boatload full of free press for a show that some people might not have known was in the works (I'm one of those people). The cease and desist letter didn't cost him a penny and got people talking about his new venture.

989 days ago


This is one of the worst shows on television. Chuckles performance could not make up for poorly written scripts, neither can Ashton. I don't know anyone who has ever watched it more than once if at all. Who are the people who do? Good grief, whoever directs the camera angles on some of the shows should be ashamed, they are so obvious and the direction and writing seems to be aimed towards the most easily entertained viewers that have no sense of quality programming.

Man, it has always been one of the worst yet most glorified shows on prime time. When it gets canceled, that will be why. Truly, it sucks and always has.

989 days ago

JugEars McKenyan Sr..    

It takes an azzz to recognize and azz and there's no bigger azzz in America today than this freaking manho cracksmoking deadbeat with a freaking sickening bank account. How he's even alive is a miracle he doesn't deserve, that's for damnnnnsure. I know people who were addicts and actually gave a shiiiiit and didn't have the privilege of making mountains of cash playing 'lets pretend' for a living.

989 days ago


Yessss! Love it

989 days ago


Oh Charlie've screwed the pooch this time...really! That steaming pile of ass saved your ass and then some. It's made you - and will continue to make you - a millionare several times over. I would like to say something snarky about the show allowing you to continue with your various addictions but I think that speaks for itself.
It's just shameful that you continue to bite the hand that fed you for so many years. I honestly thought you had turned a corner but...Maybe your "winning" streak will finally hit a dead end. Because that's where I think you are headed.
You're a talented man. You are. Why do YOU have to keep acting like a "steaming pile of ass"?

989 days ago
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