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Charlie Sheen

'Men' Is a

'Steaming Pile of Ass'

2/15/2012 4:35 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen still has hard feelings for Warner Bros. -- CLEARLY. 

Charlie tells TMZ ... he's delighted the company that fired him has sent him a cease and desist letter, warning him and his new production company not to use photos of himself from "Two and a Half Men" for his new show, "Anger Management."

Here's what Charlie told us:

"I"m thrilled.  It insulates me from having to redundantly see myself in the idiotic bowling shirt.  Perhaps if  Warner Bros. spent as much time and energy focusing on THEIR show, it wouldn't be such a steaming pile of ass."

And we thought revenge was best served cold.


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Maybe Charlie and Conan O'Brien should get together and throw themselves a perpetual pity party.

Whiners are so irritating especially when they've made the bed they're lying in. Ugh, male divas.

958 days ago


Seriously? Charlie Sheen is a mental cased idiot and I am tired of his crass, superior attitude. His show sucked when he was on it, and it sucks now. Always was a bad sitcom. He's a ugly, rotten teethed, middle aged druggie with no class at all. I hope his FX show flops

958 days ago


IT'S TRUE!!!!!....I watched the first couple episodes and they were HORRIBLE..I didn't laugh ONCE.......I also can't stand Ashton Kutcher..."mr one note"

958 days ago


i miss Charlie on two and a half men...i watched the new show don't like it. So charlie has his own company and a new show i know it will be GREAT!!!can't wait Charlie.

958 days ago


I would rate it the same in terms in quality. It should have been put out of it's misery about 3 years ago. The last couple of years with Charlie seems liked they ran out of stories to tell but were holding on to squeeze every buck out of it they could.

958 days ago


Charlie is a bit of a coward and opportunist. He indirectly attacks Ashton now that public opinion has gone against him after his break up with Demi.

I always thought the show was crap with or without Charlie.

958 days ago

good as gold    

Well if anyone is an expert on a "steaming pile of ass" it would be Charlie Sheen. He went on one of the biggest cocaine binges in do***ented history and survived it [although he did end up in the hospital to get his stomach pumped]. However, all the cocaine he did damaged his brain and it gave him temporary insanity [see the #winning rants]. He still got paid because of a "play or pay" clause but his selfish behavior cost his cast mates and production staff almost 40% of their pay for the season. Did he ever apologize to them and pay them out of his pocket? NOPE he still blamed WB for shutting down the season even though he was in denial about his temporary psychosis. And finally, to those who rip 2.5 Men, explain how come EVERY week this season 2.5 Men is the #1 or #2 rated comedy? The Nielsen Ratings don't lie.

958 days ago


I think 2 and a Half Men is a wonderful show. The idea that Carlos still throws stones, indicates he misses his old job. He seems to forget he is just a 2 bit entertainer, and his opinion doesn't really mean anything.

958 days ago


I'm so tired of the drama surrounding Charlie Sheen. I'm sorry I used to be a huge fan, but the thing is he always ends up at one end of a huge drama7fight and it always seems to be someone else that is to blame for it according to Mr Sheen. So I guess what I'm saying is that someone who feels the need to throw insults and dirt in the press as Charlie's has in the past don't really do it for me anymore. You are just not a "Winner" in my book anymore.

958 days ago


He should go after Howard Stern's job. Garbage mouth and mind set - perfect fit.

958 days ago


It would be funny if it wasn't so sad.

I sorta feel sorry for Charlie, I don't feel sorry for the people that actually think he is funny.

958 days ago


Go away Charlie, you are a puke!

958 days ago


If anyone knows about steaming piles of's Charlie

958 days ago


I thought he approved of the new format? I guess he's on illegal drugs, off the drugs he needs, or failing miserably on his new show to be striking out like this again.

958 days ago


saw first 2 episodes and could not stomach ashton and his whining and the incredibly stupid story line of him being a billionaire mooning over his wife and then allowing a complete stranger and his son live in his house. Charlie and cryer had a great chemistry on screen. Any hoot, charlie should be thanking his lucky stars he is still alive given his history of drugs.

958 days ago
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